$1 Billion Blockchain Game Company & Identities in the Metaverse – Play to Earn #72

Feat. Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Guild of Guardians, The Sandbox, Crucible & more


This has been the week in which one blockchain gaming company got valued at $1 billion. This has also been the week of awful gas fees on Ethereum thanks to Shibu Inu and other canine meme coins. Perhaps our latest sponsor is therefore very fitting, because KodaDot is working on a carbonless NFT marketplace on Kusama. At the same time we keep building at Play to Earn: Jazelle joined the editorial team, while we’ve also settled on the theme for the upcoming Play to Earn Game Festival. — Robert Hoogendoorn

A word from our sponsor – KodaDot is all about creating a carbonless NFT movement. They are doing this by rolling out an NFT infrastructure parachain MetaPrime.network on the low carbon blockchain Kusama.network. There they will build a community-owned carbon-negative NFT marketplace where artists can offset their mints to make the planet a healthier place. You can recognize NFTs contributing to a healthier planet by the carbonless tag.

Follow KodaDot on Twitter and join their Telegram to support their journey towards creating carbon neutrality and driving global forestation.

Animoca Brands Now Valued at $1 Billion

The biggest story of this week, has to be the $1 billion valuation of Animoca Brands. They are the team behind blockchain games like F1 Delta Time, The Sandbox and investors in Alien Worlds and the Flow blockchain. With a $1 billion valuation, they aren’t that far away from companies like Electronic Arts and Activision. Sure, Animoca isn’t making the same revenue, but they are in a growth market where gamers spend a lot more on average. A couple of years from now, Animoca could be a lot more valuable. – Continue reading

Crucible and Digital Identities in Metaverse

If you’ve been reading Play to Earn for some time, you know about my fascination with digital identities, the metaverse, digital fashion and everything that connects with that. Last week I had a chat with Ryan Gill from Crucible Network, and they are working on very cool tech. Imagine you own one account, multiple characters, usable across different / certain worlds and games. – Learn more

Alien Worlds Hustled NFT Luck for Tools

Alien Worlds is one of the hottest games on the blockchain right now. Perhaps people have multiple accounts, that seems very reasonable. However, 669 thousand connect accounts in a week is quite an amazing accomplishment. At the same time their TLM token is now $0,40, double the price from its lows late April. There’s something very serious happening here, and now they changed the way NFT luck works. This will probably influence pricing of NFTs big time. – Learn more about Alien Worlds

3 Guild of Guardians Heroes in The Sandbox

Last week we broke the news that heroes from Guild of Guardians could be used inside The Sandbox. One day later Immutable had their official blog post, in which they explained that only three selected heroes will be able to travel between worlds. However, players won’t use the same NFT for that. The Sandbox will simply airdrop their version to a selection of eligible winners. – Read more about Guild of Guardians

Vorto Gaming Partnered with NEAR Protocol

In a week where Ethereum gas fees have been killing, it’s interesting to talk about solutions. Polygon comes to mind of course. However, Vorto Gaming is looking at NEAR Protocol. This newly launched blockchain solution is EVM compatible, and partnered with Vorto Gaming to bring their ecosystem onto the NEAR blockchain. Part of that ecosystem is the strategy game Hash Rush. — Discover Hash Rush

More gaming headlines

Ember Sword Solarwood Land Sale End of the Month — pre-register now!

Crazy Defense Heroes Delays TOWER Chest Sale — Next week, this time for real

Fortified Land Plots Seemingly Set in Stone — Tower defense dev update

Chainmonsters Bringing Proper Battle Mode in Alpha 3 — Update on Monday

Ubisoft Working with Crucible & Guild of Guardians — Ubicryptosoft

Ebay Officially Allows NFTs To Be Sold — That announcement came fast!

Animoca Expands NFT Business to Immutable X — More chains to rule

Lost Relics with Gas Fee Solution for In-Game Transactions — Free trading!

The Sandbox Integrates Voxodeus Collectible NFTs — Art comes to life

Play to Earn: Splinterlands

Gamers looking for a cool play-to-earn game have quite a lot to choose from. On Play to Earn we try to help you find the games to fit you best. Because after all, you should have fun while playing and earning, or what’s the point? This time we take a look at Splinterlands! – Read the guide by Jazelle

Community update

I’m looking at ways to move PLAY from Ethereum to Polygon. I have reached out to TryRoll for help. Point is, on Polygon it would allow us to sell wearables for Cryptovoxels. You would be able to buy these limited edition wearables using the PLAY you’ve earned by reading this newsletter and all those articles on the blog. Talking about the festival, we’ve set a theme: an abandoned space station. There will be a story throughout the festival, and we will integrate the website a bit into the event as well.

Get hyped!

And btw, we don’t do Axie scholarships. We provide and share knowledge, we reward you for learning. That’s what we do!

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