TikTok’s NFT Goes Live. Here’s all there is to know

Since the year began, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have seized the internet by storm. While some appear to be nothing more than money-making schemes, others have seen their owners make huge gains. Despite contrary opinions and rumours, NFTs appear to be here to stay. Every day, more significant corporations, as well as some of the internet’s […]

FTX.US Big NFT Announcement

FTX.US announced the expansion of its NFT marketplace in support of the Solana blockchain and also Ethereum-based tokens in the near future. This has enabled users to trade, deposit and withdraw NFTs that conform to the Metaplex token standard. The marketplace is open to both U.S. and non-U.S. customers from a long list of jurisdictions, […]

Coinbase to add more Features to NFT Platform

As NFTs continue to dominate the crypto space, Coinbase recently announced its plans to join the trend and create its NFT marketplace that would rival current giants like OpeanSea. While the platform is yet to be available, Coinbase has launched a user waitlist for the desktop product which it hopes would be out before the […]