AAVEGOTCHI launches Aambassadors V2

AAVEGOTCHI launches Aambassadors V2 following the success of its pilot, and brings a more personal platform to the community:

Many months ago, Aavegotchi launched the Aambassador pilot program that focused on localizing Aavegotchi into many regions, including China, Vietnam, France, Russia, Philippines, Korea, and more. This program has been successful in achieving their objective of ensuring that local communities are kept in the loop on important developments.

However, with all the activity happening in Aavegotchi recently, a need was emerged for smaller, more intimate and personalized communities focused on specific niches. Aavegotchi are excited to announce the launch of Aavegotchi Aambassadors V2, and invite you to join.
Here is some info from the team about the program:

What’s an Aavegotchi Aambassador?

An Aavegotchi Aambassador is responsible for spreading the Gospel of Gotchi to those who haven’t discovered it yet. Main responsibilities include:

  • Creating your own #GotchiGang (a group of Aavegotchi enthusiasts) focused on a specific niche or location (i.e, Aavegotchi Austin, or Gotchiholics Aanonymous).
  • Taking steps to proactively grow your #GotchiGang.
  • Helping your #GotchiGang experience Aavegotchi fully.
  • Keeping your #GotchiGang well fed with Aalphas & updates.

Journey of an Aambassador

Potential Aambassadors start by creating their #GotchiGang, rounding up new members, and forming a core group of at least a hundred members.

With this core group established, they are now officially recognized as an Aambassador, and can continue on their journey by:

Relaying news and Aalphas from the Aavegotchi Official Discord.

Onboarding new users to experience Aavegotchi.Personalizing and localizing the experience for their #GotchiGang.

What benefits do you get?

Being an Aambassador is one of the best ways to show your contribution to the larger mission and help Aavegotchi grow to 1 million monthly active users (MAU) by 2023.

When eligible, you get:

  • Global recognition as an Aavegotchi Aambassador;
  • Exclusive access to Aalphas, resources and guides;
  • Monthly XP airdrops for all your Gotchis.
  • Monthly USDC airdrops when you hit new milestones for your #GotchiGang.

How can you become an Aambassador?

You can begin your Aambassador journey by filling out the form here.

Shortly after, you will receive an email with tips and guidance on how to get started.


Q: Do I need to fill out monthly reports as an Aambassador?
No you do not. This Aambassador Program is designed in a way that allows you to focus less on admin tasks and more on building your #GotchiGang.

Q: How big should I grow my #GotchiGang?
Keeping your #GotchiGang smaller and specific is actually better. You can create a #GotchiGang for your town, your city, your university… creativity is yours!

Once your group reaches 100 legitimate members, you’ll be officially recognized as an Aavegotchi Aambassador.

Q: What if the #GotchiGang name I want has already been taken by someone else?

We will inform you if the name has already been taken after you have filled up your application here.

Q: I already have an Aavegotchi-themed group. Should I apply to become an Aambassador?

Absolutely! As long as we can easily track the growth of your network, you are eligible to be an Aambassador.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Where should I ask it?

All questions about the Aambassador program can be directed towards jason@aavegotchi.com, (or buzz.lightyear in Discord).

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