Age of Rust’s ~$927,000 BTC and ENJ Treasure Hunt to Launch Publicly on Steam March 19

  • Age of Rust players will have a chance of finding 24 Bitcoin (BTC) and 370,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ) hidden within the game.
  • Due to the current cryptocurrency bull run, the value of Age of Rust’s prize bounty has increased from $20,000 to nearly $1 million.
  • The game will cost $14.99 to download and play on Steam, feature 250,000km2 of explorable landscape, and include 40 hours of gameplay.

U.S.A. 25 January 2021 — SpacePirate Games has announced that Age of Rust, one of the most highly-anticipated blockchain games to date, will launch March 19. 

The game’s Steam wishlist has been officially opened, and players that join will have a chance of uncovering the nearly $1 million worth of crypto bounties hidden within the 250,000km2 digital universe.

Formed in 2014, SpacePirate initially launched a text-based cryptographic puzzle game that gained notoriety amongst cypher punks in the formative years of the blockchain movement.

After a resounding success with this early proof of concept, the team set out to build a AAA-quality 3D RPG intended to become a fun way to educate gamers about Bitcoin and blockchain.

“When we first started working on Age of Rust, we decided to do a crypto treasure hunt and set aside 24 BTC, which was worth around $20,000 at the time. We had no idea that it would grow to become such a huge bounty so fast,” said Chris LoVerme, CEO of SpacePirate Games.

Every player will have an equal chance to find the main 20 BTC (~$655,000) bounty at the end of the three seasons, with another 4 BTC and 35,000+ smaller bounties to win along the way.

Since joining Enjin, SpacePirate and other game developers have locked over 10 million ENJ inside high-functioning NFTs like those that can be earned playing Age of Rust. 

ENJ recently made headlines after being approved for use in Japan by JVCEA, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange regulatory body. 

Players interested in joining the crypto treasure hunt can add Age of Rust to their Steam wishlist here: 

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