Axie Infinity Hits One Million DAUs, Recording $1 Billion Lifetime Trading Volume

Axie Infinity –the renowned play-to-earn blockchain game broke the deadlock to reach one million daily active users, as confirmed by Sky Marvis. 

Sky Marvis confirmed via Twitter that the figure went up from 350,000 DAUs in early July. Available on PC and mobile, 67 percent of players are accessing the game via Android. The game is only available as a sideloaded APK file, not via the official Google Play Store. 

This achievement built on a previous milestone in July where Axie Infinity was reported to have generated more revenue than any other blockchain protocol or project. 

The Ethereum-based blockchain game yielded $193 million in fees, while Bitcoin generated $23 million. By taking a 4.25 percent cut for every NFT sale on its marketplace and fees from every breeding transaction, the Axie Infinity treasury grew by $207 million. In the last 30 days, $735 million worth of Axie Infinity NFT has been traded, with lifetime trading volumes reaching $1 billion.

However, the fees generated are not going to developer Sky Mavis. Rather it will be deposited in a Treasury –a community-controlled fund tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the game’s long-term future.

New Sponsorship Deal 

FTX has struck a new deal with Yield Guild games to sponsor Axie Infinity players. The deal will see FTX hold naming rights to sponsor 137 players from developing countries. 

According to Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of FTX, this new deal will lead to more adoption and exposure to the crypto economy. 

“As fans of both gaming and making a positive impact, we’re excited to partner with Yield Guild Games who have created a truly unique way for new audiences to gain exposure to crypto,” He said 

The Future for Blockchain Gaming 

Blockchain gaming has become significantly popular in recent times and the emergence of NFTs has played a huge role in the process. The play-to-earn function has made Axie Infinity a popular source of income around the world. 

More generally, the play-to-earn game has built a strong community in several countries ranging from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil as it allows players to earn cryptocurrency that can then be converted to local currencies.

Axie Infinity’s community in the Philippines is a typical example where players have earned more money by playing games compared to their previous jobs.

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