Blockchain Gaming: New Cosmos (ATOM) Partnership Aims To Expand Blockchain Gaming for Its Players Worldwide

Blockchain Gaming is set to experience a worldwide expansion as two of Cosmos core collaborators Tendermint and Interchange Foundation (ICF) announced its partnership with Forte- an organization building a blockchain platform for video games.

Peng Zhong, the CEO of Tendermint stated that 

       “With almost three billion gamers around the world and immense interest surrounding NFTs, the partnership with Forte will help propel Cosmos to a wider audience and solidify our place as a leading blockchain ecosystem.”

    “We have already built the industry’s best tools for blockchain development like Cosmos SDK and Starport.”

Their partnership is said to propel Cosmos to a wider audience and also position the organisation as a leading blockchain ecosystem. Experts forecasted that by 2023, Forte would have amassed more than three billion gamers globally and an explosion of interest around NFTs as in-game assets and collectibles. Currently, over 8 million active users across Forte would seamlessly benefit from Cosmos multi-chain ecosystem. 

The company in a report says it has built the industry’s best tools like Cosmos SDK, Starport, and Ethermint that enable developers and entities to create their sovereign chains and plug into its growing network. Now they aim to make it easier for game developers to join Cosmos as well.

Billy Rennekamp, Grants Manager on the Board of Management at ICF explained that;

    “Forte and Cosmos share a vision of applications and economies built around passionate communities. Now that the technology is mature, I’m thrilled to work with Forte who can onboard the next generation of game developers and users, bringing Cosmos gaming to the mainstream.” 

‘We Are In This Together

 Josh Williams, Forte’s CEO and Cofounder said in a statement that-

     “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cosmos to bring their technologies to our community of developers, players, and fans,”

      “Our alignment on scalability, usability and interoperability makes them an ideal partner in building a more sustainable and equitable ecosystem for games, and the billions of people who play them.”

Cosmos developers will work with Forte to ensure that all third-party game developers on the Forte platform can access Cosmos’ technology and easily integrate their games with the Cosmos network. The company says it will also add ATOM and other Cosmos-enabled currencies, such as stablecoins, to the Forte network to be used as payment, liquidity, or collateral for users, greatly increasing the utility of the ATOM token, and helping create a better experience for developers and players. Cosmos Hub wallets and accounts will also be integrated into the Forte wallet architecture.

The Cosmos price is also gaining momentum after the ICF announced the biggest HackAtom event ever. The event will see developers compete to win $1 million of ATOM price. The registration commences on October 27.

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