Blockchain Gaming Weekly news may23rd

From a new Enjin SDK to a collaboration between two top blockchain games to MyMetaverse Discord Launch Party, there is a lot going on this week in the world of blockchain gaming.

MyMetaverse Games Network

The MyMetaverse team is building a player-generated gaming network that includes MyMeta Minecraft, MyMeta Core, MyMeta Twitch, and MyMeta Discord.

Players will be able to trade infinite forms of real-world value through their platform of choice.

The real-world value that’s traded within the MyMetaverse ecosystem will always be powered by Enjin, running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Enjin Releases SDK for Godot:

The SDK for Godot is out and developers can give value to their games by integrating blockchain items (NFTs) into games without any blockchain coding experience.

Animoca Brands to integrate the blockchain technology to Crazy Defence Heroes:

The blockchain integration started with a chest sale featuring Crazy Defense Heroes 1st Edition Card Collectible NFT’s. Crazy Defense Heroes is a popular mobile game with millions of downloads at Google Play and App Store. At the moment those NFT’s are just collectible items that cannot be used in the game.

Reality Gaming Group presents the DAT platform: create and sell digital goods:

Digital Asset Trading (DAT) is an open-source blockchain toolkit that allows Developers and Game creators to produce limited edition NFTs based on their IP.

Age of Rust Looking For Game Developers:

From a post on Twitter Age of Rust has announced that they are looking for game developers to help with ‘some Unity HDRP work packages that need delivery’. If you are a game developer and looking for an opportunity to get into the developing space all you need to do is DM them your portfolio on Twitter.

Nestables and Forgotten Artifacts Collaboration:

Forgotten Artifacts has now partnered up with Nestables to bring your Nestables pet NFT into the game. The nestable will follow you around towns and dungeons in addition to smashing open boxes for you during dungeons..

Axie Infinity Season 5:

Alpha season 5 of Bloodmoon Rising is now live, and with it comes DAI rewards to PvP. ‘As usual, 25% of the DAI (375) will be distributed to the top 50 spots on the leaderboard. 75% of the DAI (1125) will have a chance of dropping from any arena battle! This means that any trainer, regardless of skill level has a chance of winning DAI! The season will last two weeks, ending at 10 AM EST on Sunday May 24th!’

That’s it for this week, make sure to let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the crypto space and keep an eye out for more blockchain gaming news.

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