Blockchain Gaming Weekly Updates 24th April 2020

From New Minecraft Blockchain Server Treeasure Hunt to new special edition Blockchain Cuties coming out there’s a lot going on in the crypto gaming space this week and we’ll go into it all for you.

NFT's Treasure Hunt on Hunters Of Rio Minecraft Server!

NFT’s Treasure Hunt on Hunters Of Rio Minecraft Server!

Join our Treasure Hunt event! After a month of hard work we are happy to bring you CGamers guild! Cgamers is a special guild where you can experience treasure hunts, exclusive quest’s and other amazing events.
DATE: April 26th

Join the battle of the Crypto Clans! The Beginner’s Guide

Join the battle of the Crypto Clans! The Beginner’s Guide

Chain Clash is a web-based collectible and fighting game in which you array, train and fight with avatars representing crypto clans like Bitcoin, Ethereum or EOS. The special twist here is that some of the avatars are digital representations of most prominent creators and influencers from the crypto space, like Brock Pierce or John McAfee.

League of Kingdoms Pre Registration:

League of Kingdoms is a multi chain MMO strategy game metaverse. You can grow your kingdom’s your own way, build a strong army and fight for dominion. You will join forces with other kingdoms to form a powerful alliance and rule the world! They are having a few events for registering for the game, the first one being a $30 in game gift to those to put in their email here

CryptoWars is officially live – Strategy Play to Earn Game:

On April 15th CryptoWars, a strategy play to earn game became officially available for everyone with advanced gameplay and cash rewards. For gameplay right now there are 1v1 tournaments where players can stake BTC and ETH and fight in battles no longer than 20 minutes. CryptoWars is available for both desktop and mobile devices

The goal is to create a village and destroy your opponent by upgrading buildings and creating troops. The game is deterministic, which means there is no randomness at all, making the game fair as the best-skilled player wins. The winner gets all the staked cryptocurrency pot, with 16% going to the developers. There are also matches without real money. You can begin playing today for free here

Decentraland Partners with Binance over Covid-19 Initiative:

Decentraland, a virtual reality platform built on the Ethereum blockchain has join forces with global crypto exchange, Binance, to launch a #CryptoAgainstCOVID initiative.

Blockchain Cuties Season 2 Custom Cuties:

For season 2 of Blockchain cuties they are bringing in some iconic characters as custom cuties, with special abilities and super high stats, these are definitely a must pick up for any fan of blockchain cuties or the gaming world. You can check out more about the update here

Virtual Crypto Conferences:

As the global economy struggles to adapt to the rapid changes the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon the world, the virtual conference space is booming. The need to engage, communicate and expand our network has perhaps never been so necessary as businesses struggle to survive what may be the next great economic depression. With so many blockchain conferences being cancelled people are looking for an alternative, and VR may just have the answer. There have been more and more virtual crypto conferences popping up over the past few months, and with such a large driving force there seems to be a renewed vigor in VR technology and ideas for what the technology can do for us. You can read more about the virtual crypto conferences going on here

CryptoFights Beta Coming This Year:

The beta for CryptoFIghts is expected to release this year, and with it lots of content to enjoy and prizes to win.  Right now they are working on finalizing the maps that will be in the game upon release in addition to adding new weapons and working on the combat system. You can check out the game and watch out for it here

That’s it for this week, make sure to let us know what your most looking forward to in the crypto space and keep an eye out for more blockchain gaming news.

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