BlockPegnio’s Enables Collaborative Crafting/Enchanting Across Multiple Blockchain Games

Earlier this month BlockPegnio introduced The Six Dragons Governance NFT and announced that it will grant yield farming, voting power and governor status in The Six Dragons on PC and PlayStation. 

According to their latest medium post these perks will also be extended to the Crafting Simulator that will be available on web browsers, as well as Apple and Android devices. Crafting Simulator is a platform that enables players to be remote Blacksmiths and Governors for games like The Six Dragons. Users can login through their web browser or mobile device, manage their yield farming, craft/enchant items and vote. 

The first implementation of is planned to launch in 2021 and it will be available in web browsers, mobile devices will follow. The Crafting Simulator will be a multiverse platform and the Enjin-Powered strategic CCG, Kingdom Karnage has already signed up to join the collaborative ecosystem.

BlockPegnio also revealed plans to implement an API that other games can use to integrate the crafting/enchanting system into their games through The goal of this implementation is that the blockchain gaming community will have a set of items that can be crafted across many games within the Enjin Multiverse.

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