Chain Clash Rolls Out Crypto Celebrities’ Avatars Auction For The End of Pre-Sale

Chain Clash wraps up the pre-sale with a big auction for celebrity avatars. Players will be able to bid for and claim digital fighter lookalikes of John McAfee, Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose and Travis Wright & Joel Comm from the Bad Crypto podcast.

During the pre-sale, only Legendary tiers will be available. The stock,
however, will vary:
● John McAfee — 5 avatars
● Brock Pierce — 5 avatars
● Crystal Rose — 5 avatars
● Travis Wright & Joel Comm — 10 avatars each

All celebrity avatars have limited supply, higher level caps and special attribute boosts. The auction begins on March 26, 2020, and will end upon the game’s release on April 2, 2020.

Check what avatars look like on To get a better picture of the bidding process, head to the pre-sale page.

See you at the auction and best of luck to all bidders!

About Chain Clash
Chain Clash is a fighting/collectibles game that brings Pokemon, Tekken and Crypto Twitter together. Users will be able to claim the playable NFT-avatars in the form of blockchain industry celebrities and crypto-branded androids. Your favorite blockchains live and compete outside of the social media arguments through players’ skills, tenacity and unity of their respective clans!

Support one crypto — or all of them. Stick to your ride-and-die clan or explore your allegiances — whatever gets you to victory! Train and clash for glory. Upgrade your avatar and climb the leaderboard. Be the unstoppable fighter you are! Trade for profit. The more upgraded your avatar is, the more valuable it is. So it literally pays off to clash.

More info at
Connect with other Clashanians and the devs on Discord
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