Claim Your KK MFT Monthly Rewards!

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Trading Card Game with animated turn based combat. 2 versions are available when logging in, a normal style game and a blockchain version with items backed by cryptocurrency.

Another great If you hold a Kingdom Karnage Founders Token in your wallet you can claim Each month a new MFT Monthly will be created. Claim here and if you own this months combination of tokens you will get an airdrop.

MFT Monthly – April
April Combination – KK MFT and a choice from other platforms/games.

This April is a special one.

To honor the platforms and games that are already live with Enjin integration, Kingdom Karnage April MFT Claim is available in a number of combinations When you hit the claim button below your wallet will be checked for the Kingdom Karnage MFT (aka – Pioneer). If you have 1 or more they are counted Your wallet is then checked for each of the following


Zikog, Lord of Fire is available from numerous Reewardio games.

If you also have this Reewardio token you will receive 2 random uncommon KK card.

Forest Knight

War Cane drops in level 11.

If you also have this Forest Knight token you will receive 4 random uncommon KK cards.

Grasshopper Farm

Swordsman Hopper is rewarded for completing the tutorial.

If you also have this Grasshopper Farm token you will receive 4 random uncommon KK cards.

Forgotten Artifacts

Grihn Single Malt Whiskey – Aged 250 years – is an in-game quest reward.

If you also have this Forgotten Artifacts token you will receive 4 random uncommon KK cards.

Kingdom Karnage

Lucky Trinket Rare/Epic/Legendary was awarded during a previous presale event reward.

If you have one of these tokens you will receive 10 random uncommon KK cards or 1 random uncommon KK card per MFT you have, whichever is greater.

NOTE – you will receive the sum of all possible rewards.

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