Cocos-BCX Released Golang SDK

Cocos-BCX TestNet is pleased to announce the release of Golang SDK, which supports fast and effective operation by developers of Go programming language on the Cocos-BCX chain.
Developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson, Google’s Go is strongly statically typed and compiled programming language that has been officially launched in November 2019 as an open-source code project. It excels in dealing with giant concurrent data with computing power and can be applied to blockchain and service development and etc. In 2016, Go was rewarded by the software quality company TIOBE as TIOBE’s programming language of 2016.
At present, Cocos-BCX’s strategic partner Bitpie has been applying Go language to develop wallets on the Cocos-BCX chain.

Along with the completion of Golang SDK, Cocos-BCX TestNet has fully supported SDKs including JS, Android, iOS, C++, Unity, Python, Golang, greatly facilitating blockchain game development.
Cocos-BCX Golang SDK COCOS is one of the Bounty tasks from Cocos-BCX Bounty Hub, the official bounty program launched together with Cocos-BCX TestNet on June 6. It incentivizes the community engaging in the ecosystem building with COCOS as rewards. More bounty tasks are there at for the community to claim.

Cocos-BCX Golang SDK is completed and the full version is available on:, “go” ahead and build DApp now!

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