Connection between gaming and crypto Adaptation

We are now living in an era when gamers are encoding great value in our lives. Although it might seem that they are trying to “bank the unbanked” and harm the global banking system, there is no doubt that the gaming industry is becoming the leading force in the crypto space.
Video games can pretty effortlessly pave the way for new users of the crypto economy. Gamers can be the best audience for crypto adoption for several reasons. Firstly, they are much more technology-literate than the average Internet user. Secondly, they are always open to something new.
Here is a vivid example for you to understand what we are talking about: a gamer has opened new level of the game and got a rare item, which then s/he can sell on a secondary market forEthereum, which regardless the troubles it went through in the past, still remains the crypto flagship in the gaming industry, and later use this ETH to buy a new piece of equipment for his/her character online. That creates a whole network of crypto transactions within a gaming space.
But for that to take place, it is important to constantly attract new players with amazing games that won’t be just nice to play, but almost addictive (in a good way, of course). Up until now, crypto games have been like a throwback into the 1980s when the graphics and playability were still very plain. Thus, developers need to create new class games that will completely change the direction of crypto gaming in the foreseeable future. Thankfully, that is already happening nowadays.
Before moving any further, it is important to mention that all of that become possible after the implementation of nonfungible token technology (or NFT) that allowed the proliferation of inside-game assets on blockchain platforms.
With developers making new token standards and technical developments being pushed further, gaming can become a major contributor to the crypto economy and wide blockchain technology adoption. Moreover, the gamers themselves are generating an on-chain activity that helps them to feed the miners. Thus, we might say with confidence that crypto games are significantly lifting their weight in regards to ecosystem development.
Now, let’s peek into some successful examples. Gods Unchained is a graphically-developed game that has been attracting thousands of players to tournaments. Recently, the game introduced an option for gamers to store the unique nonfungible tokens in the Ethereum wallet.
Enjinverse is yet another great illustration of crypto adoption in gaming. Let’s also not forget that Enjin itself is currently one of the most leading cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry.
After all, it is worth mentioning that according to the latest research, the gaming industry is expected to be worth about $180 billion in 2021.
Therefore, it makes sense to believe that crypto gaming will be a huge deal in the future. That will be a total win-win for everybody: players will be able to gain a better experience from playing, developers will be able to try out more tools during game-creation, and investors will obtain an ability to use their cryptos when they will become a major trend in gaming.

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