Crypto Gamers AMA with IQeon CEO

Welcome to the Live AMA!. This live gives you the opportunity to receive all the answers about project! From IQeon CEO Vadim Dovguchits ( @IQeonCEO ) Will start with the top selected questions we’ve received from the community.

Q. What’s IQEON?

A. is a PvP platform with browser games of different genres. The platform operates in the Ethereum blockchain and has an internal crypto IQN.

Q. Who are the customers of Iqeon at the moment? And what are the incentive and key to One to appeal to businesses that need to use the Iqeon?

A. Well, I believe that any person interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency and who is passionate about gaming makes up our audience.

Although players are in priority, the architecture also allows to attract game developers to the platform and embed some side HTML-products in the platform.

In the future, when beta testing stage of the platform is over, we want to update the system so that developers receive some profit for each match that is played for IQN.

Q. How can I use and earn crypto on your platform?

A. To earn on the platform, just take part in games with competitors, show your skills and be the best player. The winner receives IQN on his gaming account.

BTW, we run many contests and giveaways for our users. For now we hold two of them. The first one is Weekly Challenge. We announce the game of the week in social networks every Thursday. The winner who scores the most points during the week receives 5 IQN to gaming account.

Q. Do you have any guarantee that my assets are stored safely? What wallets support your altcoin?

For sure. Our team is paying great attention to the security issue. IQeon platform operates using Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, which guarantee the payment of winnings. IQN smart contract has recently been checked by well-known Knownsec company.

IQN digital asset is supported by Metamask, TrustWallet, Atomic Wallet, imToken, Freewallet, and also by Trezor hardware wallet.

But we remind you, that our project is in onerous process of expanding partnerships, that’s why the list is also constantly expanding

Q. What unique ideas have the team actually come up with?

A. IQeon is not a protocol-project, but a gaming PvP platform. If you compare it with other gaming platforms you’ll see that it already has the unique features that others lack or simply can’t implement within their existing business-model.

Of course, the integration of IQN into every game is the main fundamental which gives a lot of benefits like fair PvP disputes, lower platform fees for developers (compared to existing game platforms), more privacy for the gamers.

Q. What are strongest foundations for continuing this project? The crypto market has been very volatile lately.

A. Before the project launch we explored the market carefully and found out that 97% of players don’t have a chance to monetize their game achievements and don’t receive any reward for their intellectual wins.

And we at IQeon believe that this is our strongest foundation – suggesting gaming platform, where users can participate in PvP battles and get digital asset IQN for victories. We have few competitors in this field.

Developing users’ intellectual skills and giving them the opportunity to enhance the quality of their lives is the best motivation for my team.

Q. What is Iqeon’s plan to become a pioneer in crypto?

A. Our distinctive feature is that the project combines two promising directions – gaming and blockchain. And we have big plans regarding the development in this very industry.

We are constantly updating the games library and intend to implement games that are increasingly complex in design and gameplay.

We also want to design games not only for PC, but also for other gaming platforms. By the way, we are now developing and going to integrate our own IQeon Wallet into the platform. And for sure all these games will be connected with blockchain tech.

Q. Does the games work on mobile?

The games sure do work on most mobile devices, however you may have noticed that the current list of the games are oriented mainly on the desktop browsers. We recommend using PC or laptop for the best gaming experience during the Open Beta testing.

We do our best now to make games work on mobile devices as good as on PC.

Q. What games on your platform can you recommend?

Personally, I like Power Strike, Survival Shooter, Quiz

But as we see from gaming stats, players mostly prefer Crashy Racing. This is the most popular game on our platform. For now we have about 30 games of different genres. The library is constantly expanding!

Q. Do you plan to add on the platform some AAA games like FarCry?

Sure, we would like to add AAA games, but there are some technical obstacles. For that to happen, our team develops a client platform which will allow any user to download data of demanding games on a PC and then launch a game online. At the moment, the development of client is underway.

Y J, [05.02.20 14:38]
Q. What special thing does IQeon have? in order to convince users to, use IQeon?

A. I want to repeat that our project combines two promising directions – gaming and blockchain. Our main goal is to give gamers around the world the opportunity to monetize their intellectual achievements simply playing favorite games

Indra Adi1, [05.02.20 14:48]
Q. Why you need IQN tokens???

A. It’s an internal digital asset of IQeon gaming platform. Users can make purchases in games of the ecosystem. It’s also a motivation for gamers to participate in many activities offered by our platform.

Thanks to Vadim Dovguchits CEO of for answering the questions. For more details about IQeon visit their official website or join their Telegram Group

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