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2019 Huge Annual Dapps Market Report by dapp.com

2019 was a year of changes, a lot of things happened in the blockchain industry, Libra, Bakkt, and Nike’s CryptoKicks… What about the dapps market?

After weeks of hard work, dapp.com is proud to announce the release of the 2019 Annual Dapps Market Report on key dapp metrics, market review and outlook, major events, and much more. In this 54-page report, dapp.com summarize the most comprehensive data, dive deep into the highlights of the dapps market, and provide insights into six mainstream blockchains — Ethereum, EOS, Steem, TRON, IOST, and Neo—they represent the whole block chain ecosystem with the most active users in the market.

dapps market review
1. 9 leading blockchains contributed 3.26B transactions with a total transaction volume of $10B — a 58.5% increase compared to 2018.
2. Total active dapp users: 3.11M (only 1.48M in 2018); 2.77M new users started using dapps in 2019.
3. 1,445 new dapps entered the market.
4. DeFi dapps had the most impressive user growth with a total of over 1M active dapp users; Gambling and high-risk dapps are still the most popular dapps for developers with more than 1.1M new users. Find out more at 2019 Annual Dapp Market Report. 

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