Decentraland Creator Contest $50,000 USD UP FOR GRABS

Decentraland had an amazing year of creative innovation,Using the Builder and Smart Items, you’ll create an interactive scene—or scenes if you’re feeling energetic.
Decentraland released a ton of new features & Smart Items to allow you to easily add interactive elements without the need for code. You just drag and drop items and then configure their behavior. Smart Items sit in the Item Catalog of Decentraland’s Builder. They must be used as part of your creation to qualify for the Contest.
With a total prize pool of $50,000 USD up for grabs, this is one competition you won’t want to miss:
First Place: 200,000 MANA + LANDsSecond Place: 150,000 MANA + LANDsThird Place: 100,000 MANA + LANDsFourth Place: 50,000 MANA + LANDsFifth Place: 25,000 MANA + LANDs6th to 10th Place: 10,000 MANA + LANDs11th to 45th Place: LAND
Plus 100 MANA per every qualifying scene
MANA awards above 50,000 MANA are subject to an irrevocable 6-month vesting schedule.
Start building here

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