Draco Dice Revolutionary Dice Gaming NFTs

Popular makers of Crypto Collectibles- Draco Dice have shown a keen focus on NFT revolutionary gaming, which they believe brews a new generation of video games. Its first edition dice are set to be released on Saturday, November 6th at 12 noon EST with a mobile game coming in early 2022.

Recently minting more than 1,000,000 NFTs, Draco Dice are a premium set of more than 3,300 unique, individually-curated dice that guarantees satisfaction for both NFT enthusiasts and dice collectors. Owners will be able to play head-to-head with other collectors in a winner-take-all format.

Draco Dice Creator Zach Comm said;

         “Dice are a reflection of transcendental patterns, inspired by the geometric perfection which fills nature. Draco Dice are an exploration of the untapped potential in that beauty – that’s why they’re so visually appealing!”

Draco Dice designs are said to become a new standard for digital assets that can be usable by other game developers. Brands from all industries will be invited to create their own Draco Dice designs which would be released via the original collection, and also leverage existing Draco Dice to power up their own games.

Revolutionary Draco Dice Game 

NFT has given a whopping turnaround to how the gaming industry is viewed and Draco Dice are particularly aiming to do things differently from various NFTs. They are not procedurally generated and these collections are crafted in a unique style to delight both collectors and NFT enthusiasts.

It’s first edition “portal” boxes will be sold solely for WAX cryptocurrency (WAXP Tokens) with each pack of gaming NFTs delivering surprises since the dice in every pack are randomly generated. Each box will contain a complete set of six dice featuring the conventional shapes of 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided and 20-sided in random variations and rarities. 

Nifty Company CEO Joel Comm said in a statement,

     “After covering the NFT space for four years and producing over one million highly-demanded NFTs to sell-out audiences, we’ve had an opportunity to understand the needs of gamers in a new digital world. 

     “Collectors are seeking utility, portability and fun in their gaming NFTs. Draco Dice provides the roadmap to making this dream a reality.”

WAX digital collectibles are described as blockchain-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with WAX NFT being one-of-a-kind. The company says it features unique characteristics that differentiate it from every other item in the collection.  These collections can be instantly authenticated as genuine and can never be duplicated.  

WAX is currently used by other top brands globally including Atari, Capcom, Funko and DeadMau5. And Draco Dice plans on being one of the first cross-blockchain gaming NFTs welcoming users of Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and other popular chains to the collection. 

This revolutionary game would bring with it a totally different amazing experience for collectors and token holders Its introduction challenges several factors that have limited NFT growth in the past years in this industry.

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