Enjin-Backed Blockchain Game Launches on the App Store, Reaches 1.4 Million Views on Announcement Video

War of Crypta, the first game to ever mint and distribute ERC-1155 tokens via the Enjin Platform, has launched their game to huge fanfare on the App Store and YouTube.

Long-awaited blockchain-funded mobile game War of Crypta has launched on the App Store, trending as high as #6 in the Strategy Games category. Through his 14.6 million YouTube subscribers, game co-creator SSundee announced the game’s iOS launch, with the video reaching over 1 million views in the first day.

War of Crypta (initially titled “War of Crypto”) was the first game to announce their adoption of the Enjin Platform in 2018 and subsequently launched the world’s first ERC-1155 blockchain asset pre-sale, which sold out in less than a day. The pre-sale event enabled supporters to purchase tradable game items that would later be playable in-game once War of Crypta’s blockchain integration is complete.

War of Crypta is currently the most popular blockchain-funded game on the App Store, founded by a team of gaming industry veterans who built and grew the Pokéfind Minecraft server to millions of users. Paying homage to classics like Pokémon and Digimon, War of Crypta is a real-time multiplayer battler featuring evolved, fast-paced PvP battle mechanics.

The War of Crypta team has stated that the game’s Enjin-powered blockchain integration, including support of all pre-sale items, would be ready for testing soon. Following this iOS release, the team has also stated the game’s Android version will be available soon.

To ensure mainstream success of the game, the team is building a hybrid game where both blockchain and non-blockchain gamers can play. Therefore, not all items bought and earned within the game will be blockchain items—only those purchased from the game website.

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