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First ever F1® Delta Time Team Cars Blockchain Gaming, Huge 30 ETH prize pool & licensed F1 NFTs

First ever F1® Delta Time Team Cars Blockchain Gaming, Huge 30 ETH prize pool & licensed F1 NFTs

Huge Calling all Formula 1® fans and crypto enthusiasts: Blockchain Game F1® Delta Time will hold a Pole Position Auction of 10 digital official Formula 1® team cars on 28 November 2019. Prior to the auction, a special Pole Position Contest (live now) allows fans to compete for prizes, including ether and F1® non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Pole Position Auction starts 28 November The very first official F1® team cars NFT auction starts on 28 November, when NFTs for all 10 official F1® team cars will go on auction at the same time. These blockchain gaming NFTs are of Epic rarity* and will be usable in the upcoming official game F1® Delta Time. The auctions will be held in descending Dutch format.

All of the F1® team cars will be involved, including: Mercedes AMG W10, Ferrari SF90, Red Bull Racing RB15, McLaren MCL34, Renault R.S. 19, Racing Point RP19, Toro Rosso STR14, Alfa Romeo Racing C38, Haas VF-19, and Williams FW42.

The auction starts 28 November 2019 at 2am (UTC) on

*There are 5 rarity levels for racing cars in F1® Delta Time: Apex, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common, with Apex being the most rare and Common being the least rare. Formula 1® team cars are always of Epic rarity or higher.

Pole Position Contest from now until 27 November 2019 Before the auction, the F1® Delta Time Pole Position Contest invites fans to predict the order of sale for the F1® team cars, for a chance to win amazing prizes from a prize pool of 30 ether and various F1® Delta Time Car Gear NFTs! Participation is free of charge, and requires registration on F1® Delta Time (free).

How to enter the Pole Position Contest

  1. Go to

  2. Register a new F1® Delta Time account or log in to your account

  3. Make your prediction of the order of sale for the auction of the 10 F1® team cars, with number 1 being the first car to be sold and number 10 being the last car to be sold

  4. Winners will be announced on F1® Delta Time’s official Discord channel and contacted by email after the end of the Pole Position Auction

How to win Participants whose predictions most closely match the exact order of sale for the Pole Position Auction will be ranked according to the accuracy of their predictions and will be eligible to win prizes. More details at

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