F1® Delta Time to auction Circuit de Monaco Track and Bahrain 2020 Apex Car NFTs starting 29 Nov 2020

Animoca Brands and F1® Delta Time are thrilled to announce the upcoming auctions for the game’s first race track segment and the latest ultra-rare digital collectible race car. The auction for the Apex segment 1A of the world-famous Circuit de Monaco starts on 29 November 2020; the segment is an NFT representing fractional ownership of the track inside the blockchain game F1® Delta Time. Additionally, the “Bahrain Edition 2020” Apex car NFT auction starts on 1 December 2020. Bidding for both auctions will be in REVV Tokens, Animoca Brands’ token for blockchain motorsports. Details on the track and car auctions are available at https://f1deltatime.medium.com/f1-delta-time-the-first-track-auction-circuit-de-monaco-and-bahrain-edition-2020-cc3f11b73ee8.

Circuit de Monaco NFT auction starts 29 November 2020
Home to the illustrious FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO (“Monaco Grand Prix”),  the Circuit de Monaco is a track laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine in the principality of Monaco, one of the most glamorous and prestigious locations in motorsport. The Monaco Grand Prix was established in 1929 and is considered one of the world’s most important automobile races.

In F1® Delta Time a track is broken into multiple segments, each of which is an NFT. These segments are distributed in four tiers of descending rarity: Apex, Legendary, Epic, and Rare (Apex being the rarest and most valuable). The Circuit de Monaco consists of a total of 330 segments, five of which are Apex. Each Apex segment of the Circuit de Monaco represents a 5% share of ownership in the entire in-game track. Ownership of track segments entitles owners to passively earn REVV based on activity on that track.

F1® Delta Time players now have the opportunity to bid on this first Apex segment of the Circuit de Monaco, the 1A track segment, which will entitle its owner to a share of the REVV entry fees collected for all races held on that track in-game, and to a yield based on the REVV staked during Elite Events. The first Apex segment of Circuit de Monaco will be auctioned on 29 November 2020 at 2 am (GMT), with bids being made exclusively in REVV. For more information or to participate in the auction, please visit www.F1DeltaTime.com.

“Bahrain Edition 2020” Apex NFT auction starts 1 December 2020
Bahrain, the Arabian Gulf’s magical Island Kingdom and a true Garden of Eden, is the world’s premier location of natural pearls and is steeped in pearling history. Virtually every ancient author when describing the islands of Bahrain mentions the fine pearls found in its waters.

The livery of  the “Bahrain Edition 2020” car features glittering, circular ripples with a pearlescent colour profile and sinuous lines that represent the waters of Bahrain’s shoreline. The design is finished with splashes of neons inspired by Bahrain’s dramatic night skyline.

The performance indices of the “Bahrain Edition 2020” are:

  • Top Speed: 915
  • Acceleration: 904
  • Grip: 957
  • Luck: 54

The auction for the “Bahrain Edition 2020” begins on 1 December 2020 at 2 am (GMT) and ends on 2 December 2020 at 2 am (GMT). Bidding is in REVV only. Join the auction at www.F1DeltaTime.com.

In F1® Delta Time there are 5 rarity and power levels for cars: Apex, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common, with Apex being the most powerful and scarce. The “Bahrain Edition 2020” car is an Apex car, representing the pinnacle of performance available in the game.

All race cars produced by F1® Delta Time are officially licensed by Formula 1®. Every car is an NFT digital collectible that can be used in the F1® Delta Time multiplayer racing game modes. Additionally, all car NFTs can be staked to generate REVV over time. REVV is the ERC-20 utility token that serves as currency in branded motorsports games produced by Animoca Brands.

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