First Official MIKE TYSON NFT Collection Drops Today

Today at 4pm ET on OPENSEA.IO the first official series of Mike Tyson NFTs – The Mike Tyson NFT Collection – drops, featuring original art from Cory Van Lew.  All info related to the drop mechanics, timing, types of NFTs, and unlockable experiences can be found at

Tyson collaborated with renowned digital artist Cory Van Lew to launch a unique collection of iconic moments from his career that includes fan unlockable content as well as a limited release of his own new collectible series. Van Lew, better known in some circles as “Lewy V” or simply “Van Lew,” is one of the most exciting new artists in the international art scene. His work has garnered the attention of art critics and celebrities alike.  Born in Orange County, California, Van Lew grew up using graffiti as a creative outlet.  

1ofOne is the exclusive NFT studio developing and executing the unique series, and it is the first project for the full-service creative agency in the NFT space. 1ofOne offers a unique “plug and play” white glove agency experience for their clients, leveraging connections within the NFT collector community and artist collective to provide a full suite of top creative & distribution services that drive talent assets, awareness and value behind each drop. 

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