Galaxiators Releases A.I. Inspired NFT Collections

Galaxiators is set to release an exclusive NFT Collection of Space Gladiators which consists of 11 drops, with its launch as 2 of these drops. This unique collection is made up of an A.I. generated race of gladiators, with randomly allocated attributes and features, hand-drawn by its artist.

Galaxiators is an exclusive collection, limited to 11 drops, and comprises the most bad-ass, unique NFTs that can grace any gladiator arena for the honour.  Galaxiators believes in creating a truly unique and immersive communal experience of collecting and gaming which is of course, based on blockchain technology and innovative thinking, with an art- technology combination.

“We strive for a strong and active community, which is the most important component and is at the crux of our equation,” says Galaxiators, which has conditioned the project’s progress stages to the completion of the different drops. The more drops it completes, the bigger and bloodier its main spectacle will be.

The team at Galaxiators has stressed that its goal is not just to create a “drop and forget” the collection, but an active community of participating collectors, with gaming elements to create excitement and motivation. For example, collectors will be able to put their Galaxiators in gladiatorial combat in the arena, which is managed by a cunning A.I. called Nauplius VII. 

They will also be able to visit “the colony”, where the arena is located, and participate in different activities such as training Galaxiators, interacting with unique characters, and leaderboards for the fights. 

Stages of Drops for Galaxiators 

The first stage comes with working on the Galaxiator arena (gladiatorial management game). At this stage, some gaming elements are currently under development, which means they won’t be functional during the first drop. 

Its second stage is called “Beasts of war”, with an expansion of the game added upon launch. MVP Fights follows next upon launch of the collection. “Agoge” Expansion theme takes the fourth stage after launch. The 5th stage shows the take-off of the game to a visually stunning 2D simulator. 

It has announced that the $BloodySand token would be introduced at the last stage which would be the 11th drop. These drops also show several giveaways that would be won by differently selected holders.

Conversely, the NFT ecosystem shows great enthusiasm towards its rapid growth and introduction to various emerging ideas and applications.  Galaxiators is an intelligent combination of arts and technology, and several new adoptions would be seen in coming decades.

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