Crypto Idle Miner

Crypto Idle Miner is a exciting, thrilling and innovative simulation game that we’re working on! A new video game that will take you on a journey on how to become a master of blockchain and understand everything that there is in this hectic crypto mining world!

As experienced game developers, we wanted to create something new, something that is still not available on the market. Also, as we emerged into blockchain world, we realized that people are confused and overwhelmed by complexity of this world. So, we decided to take you on a marvelous journey and show you how everything works by making this exciting video game!

You’ll be able to learn how this world works, make smart investments, create and upgrade your empire while playing this unique game! Smartly designed to give you a real-life experience of blockchain, combined with gorgeous art and graphics, this game will have you hooked and entertained for long time! So, wait no more, take a leap and dive deep into crypto world!