Gas Crisis — Series of Events to Celebrate Partnership with Matic

Zero fees and instant transactions coming to the MegaCryptoPolis dencetralized city.

A tremendous congestion taking place on Ethereum network with gas prices ranging from 30 to 350 gwei rendered in-game transactions almost absurd.

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Every action in the MegaCryptoPolis is verified transaction confirmed by the smart contract on a blockchain that requires a Gas fee (a reward for miners).

Normally that will cost a cent, but with 50–200 gwei in average Gas prices it can become $0.1 or even $5 for a simple action like collecting Bricks in a Brickworks. Most operations (renting a building or collecting from Office) became senseless on the Ethereum gaming map. That left only high-range deals like land plots (0.1–2 ETH) and Districts (15–50 ETH) trades in place.

Common scalability options were not suitable for MCP due to:

  1. Pure decentralization — all the actions in the game are built on smart contracts with all the game assets being tokens on Ethereum network;
  2. High complexity of the gameplay — with many different types of assets (Buildings, Citizens, Cars, Pets) influencing each other on a single chain;
  3. Plans to go mainstream with the Free-to-play mode— setting up an RPC and switching networks for a player will become the adoption-killer.

It was not a decision we could make solo, that’s why we asked all the players to join the conversation in #eth-scalability Discord server.

We can’t thank the community enough for the amazing support, so now we have a solution for the Gas Crisis.

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MCP3D Ethereum city is moving to the Matic Network.

Not only that will eliminate the Gas and make transactions instant —
MCP Team will cover all the transaction fees on the sidechain network,
so a player will never need a new token to play the game.

All the game logic on Ethereum map will be transferred to the Matic Network.
Only land plots and district tokens will remain on Ethereum. All the Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resource Packs will be transferred to Matic Network as well.

In-game balances, including Ether, all Resources, Offices proceeds will be transferred intact to the Matic Network.

Most importantly, there will be a full interoperability between chains: Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resources can be transferred from Matic to Ethereum, from Matic to TRON, and from TRON and Ethereum to Matic (with a “Local Aviation” feature) in the form of ERC-721/TRC-721 token.

Most operations and deals, including trading will be performed using in-game ETH balance. Players will be able to top up the balance or withdraw at any time — that will be the major operation requiring Gas. Land Plots and Districts trading will be available only on Ethereum Network (using ETH).

To make the long story short,

Advantages are:

  • Zero-fee TX
  • Almost instant TX
  • Aggregated ETH withdrawal
    (one gas fee for all ETH collected on a sidechain, for any period)
  • Even better adoption (let’s make rent great again)
  • The perfect environment for upcoming free-to-play layer of the gameplay

Read more in the Matic Network official blog →

Most likely, MCP3D will be operational on Matic Network already this year — we can’t promise an exact timeframe, but aiming for Q3-Q4 2020.

Until then, the “Gas Crisis” series of events will take place.

1. Once-in-a-lifetime 25% discount for MCP3D Packs.

Keeping in mind constantly growing prices for the MCP3D Packs (every next Pack sold raises the price for the next one as hardcoded in smart contract) and almost 200% in Ether value withing a month, a time-limited 25% off is the best offer ever made in the official store.

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Redesigned Store now available right in the game interface.

Discount can be combined with other offers for up to a whopping 38% off.

2. Special Citizens available in Packs.

A new type of Special Buildings (Hotels, Cars, Universities) will require Specials Citizens to operate. There will be an option to create a Special Citizen in Residentials once Traits will be in place — however, that is not an easy task.

A single Helicopter Plant may require anywhere from 30 to 50 Engineers (a Special type of Citizen), and there will be no other way to produce a Helicopter.

Starting from 27 August 2020, every Pack have a chance for a contained Citizen to be Special:

  • 1/4 in Urban Pack
  • 1/2 in Mayor Pack
  • 1/1 in Federal (that means all Feds have Special Citizens)

Check the new store 

3. Co-promo with Matic Network

A series of events in collaboration with the Matic Network to follow. Please follow us on Twitter not to miss important announcements!

On to the next one…

Described events will have a slight impact on the MCP3D development roadmap — the Airport launch will be rescheduled to be enchased with a Local Aviation feature enabling assets transfer with the sidechain.

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Local Aviation to help you deliver Citizens and cargo from Matic to Ethereum.

All the MegaCryptoPolis development roadmap milestones are in place:

  • DeFi in the MCP (sic!)
  • Genius Citizens
  • Traits for Super and Special Citizens (new Residentials)
  • Special Buildings (Cars Plant, Helicopters, University, Hotels, etc.)
  • Super Appliances
  • Public Transport
  • Avatar Mode
  • Free-to-play “World” concept (to be announced soon!)
  • Yachts

Cool huh?

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