MyMeterverse, an NFT gaming cross-platform project powered by Enjin, is leading the blockchain-inspired revolution in the gaming industry. The project integrates multiple games and NFTs to create a single Multiverse experience for the gamers. Users of this platform can enjoy a variety of games and even earn NFT tokens as they play. Unlike most blockchain-based projects, MyMetaverse is surprisingly one of the most environmentally friendly gaming projects despite using NFTs.

Metacity – The world’s first free-to-earn NFT real estate!

In the gaming industry, gamers are used to pay-to-play and free-to-play models. However, MyMetaverse is introducing new and rare vocabularies in the industry, play-to-earn, and free-to-earn. This follows the recent move by the company to launch real estate NFTs that users can earn by playing Meta City: Minecraft server. Now players can have authentic and proven ownership of virtual plots in a way that feels like real life. Once they own these plots, users can build and maintain their tokenized properties and trade them on the decentralized marketplaces.

At the time of its launching, MetaCity had only 70 NFT Real Estate plots available for grab. To obtain a unique plot of land, the users are required to collect enough Capital Coins, which are in-game centralized currency. They can earn the coins by completing the missions that the game suggests to them such as winning battles by eliminating the enemies. Players can also earn Capital Coins by creating custom minigames within Minecraft and charging an entry fee to play them. Once a player has filled up enough coins, they can search through the available virtual plots and buy them. After completing the purchase process, the user gets the deed to the plot (Real Estate Token) before they start user can start developing them.

The real estate tokens, powered by Enjin’s ERC-1155 standards, are dynamic. Players can modify the names of their NFT real estate. The customized names can in ERC-1155 blockchain wallets since they extend out of the game. Players can also add structure to their NFT real estate, which changes the price of the token. Therefore, the players can enjoy the essence of property development. As the players continue building on their properties, the value of the in-game materials and resources that are added to the plots remains trackable and keeps reflecting on the token.  Currently, the city has only 70 unique plots. However, according to the developers, MetaCity is an ever-evolving landscape, and soon, more arenas and survival worlds will be added. Users will be able to create bigger NFT land plots such as the sizes of townships or cities

According to the developers, MyMetaverse is solving two main problems facing the gaming industry. The first problem is the inability to accurately prove and track the ownership of digital gaming collectibles. The introduction of the blockchain-powered NFTs offers the solution to this challenge. Currently, all the users are capable of tracing the ownership of the gaming items through NFTs.  The second challenge is dealing with money. The gaming industry has grown to the level of influencing the global economy. The career in this industry has stretched beyond game development and publishing, and gamers are now seeking to make money by creating content and streaming. However, in the conventional industry set-up, only the players who are at the top of the chain stand the chance of getting significant income. By introducing Free-to-Earn NFTs, MyMetaverse has created many opportunities for players to earn meaningful income despite their level of influence in the gaming community. The move is redefining“rewarding gameplay.”

MyMetaverse – Setting the Pace for Environmentally Friendly NFT Games!

MyMetaverse is not only improving the developers and user’s experience. Instead, the project has extended its positive influence on the environmental impact of NFT. According to a post on the official website, the project is at the forefront of making the gaming industry more environmentally friendly. Despite using NFTs, MyMetaverse has gained the status of the world’s leading environmentally friendly gaming platform. This development comes at a time when blockchain and cryptocurrency-related environmental concerns are taking a toll. People continue to raise concerns about high-energy consumption and the resulting kilotons of e-waste associated with cryptocurrency mining.

The NFT craze in 2021 only worsens the environmental impact of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. With the spike in the value and demand of these digital tokens, people flocked the sites offering minting and trading of NFTs. While NFTs create pleasing gold-rush moments, environmental pollution has been the underlying side effect that environmental enthusiasts kept their eyes fixed upon. The gas price keeps skyrocketing as the hungry collectors flood the NFT markets such as The increasing gas prices are causing far more problems than just economic – ecological. According to a Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, the annual electricity consumption by the Bitcoin network is so high that if it were a country, it would be among the top 30 in terms of electricity consumption.

MyMetaverse, however, is focused on creating a greener NFT gaming environment. This project is empowered by Enjin that has a significantly lower energy consumption compared to the Ethereum network. For example, Enjin’s JumpNet uses approximately 15 tons of carbon compared to Ethereum’s 27 trillion tons.

To ensure low carbon emission, the project purchased 200 tons worth of carbon credits. According to the company, the market-oriented system helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

” So, minting items here on MyMetaverse doesn’t just negatively impact the environment, but it benefits it instead as we buy carbon credits, in essence preventing 200 tons of carbon from entering the earth’s atmosphere.”

MyMetaverse works in collaboration with Verra to accomplish the environmental conservation initiative. Verra is a non-profit organization leading global positive environmental change.

While Metaverse is focused on creating an exciting gaming environment for users, they have kept their eye on the detrimental environmental effects of the latest technology and are determined to curb them. The goal is to create good gaming without compromising the environment.

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