The Hunters of Rio

Hunters of Rio Minecraft Server Guide

Minecraft is a multidimensional block-based sandbox game, nearly boundless in scale. It crosses over quite a fair bit of the multiverse by itself!

As a fresh-off-the-multiverse Traveler and soon to be Hunter of Rio yourself, you’ll get to meet a cast of NPC characters eager to teach you the basics. 

Once you’ve proven yourself worthy, you’ll be allowed entrance to a cross-universe portal leading to the island where the Hunters HQ has been established, ready to take on your first assignment: An epic quest that takes you through Aman, the Immortal Lands!


Die as much as you want… for now

At the moment, there’s no penalty for dying on this server.

You don’t drop items or lose experience, only your pride and perhaps a long walk.

Stand on all the beacons you can find

There’s a beacon in most hot spots, sending beams of light up into the sky. You’ll find the first one nearby where you spawn, in your hometown called “Brook”.

When you touch them, you’ll gain access to the /warp chat command, which can transport you back to these locations.

You can use this feature to quickly move across large distances, as long as you’re in the same universe as your destination.

Every time you see one of these, make sure you take note of it! 

You can use /warps to see a list of every warp location you can access, in case you forgot the name.

Follow your compass

You’ll get a compass when you start the first Hunters of Rio quest, titled “The Strange Portal”.

It will point you towards your next active objective. Just make the needle point up, as shown in the screenshot above.

You can cycle the compass target through all of your currently active quests and objectives by right-clicking with your compass in hand. 

When you can’t find an NPC you need, try cycling your compass to the matching quest.

If the needle doesn’t move when you cycle it, you might need to be in a different world!

Keep a full belly

Watch your hunger meter! 

Sprinting, jumping, slashing, mining, and taking damage all drain your stamina. 

If you let it get too low, you won’t be able to run anymore. 

But if you don’t have any regeneration potions on you, eating a good meal to fill your belly can give you some quick health in a pinch!

Take it easy

The immortal bandits outside of town are tough, and the Nether through the black portal is a crumbling fiery hellscape that’s difficult to navigate and harder to survive in. 

As a new player, you should try to make it to the Hunters HQ first, and come back to Brook when you’re better equipped and more experienced later.

Bet on yourself

A sadistic sorcerer named Fireborne is thirsty for entertainment, which is why he is offering a $500 reward to anybody that can complete his parkour course, called The Gauntlet, without dying.

The catch is, as soon as you step into the Arena he will announce to the whole world that there is a contract on your head, inviting everyone in Siniath to come and put you to the PvP test. Entry into the Arena will cost them $200, but they will receive $400 if they can kill you!

Build to your heart’s content

When you’re ready to carve out a place of your own, you’ll be able to head out into the lawless wilderness of Siniath to mine, craft, and construct as you please. Anything goes!

You can use /sethome to save a location and return to it with /home like a custom warp, as long as you’re in a Siniath dimension (including the Nether and the End).

Warning: High Risk of Griefing

Be aware that other players currently can and will disrupt your builds, so try to head far out away from everyone else before you set up camp, and always keep your most valuable items stored safely away in your Ender Chest. Completing the story arc will upgrade your Ender Chest with an entire row of bonus slots, so if you’re struggling with storage space, stay focused on your quest.

Claim Land and Protect Yourself

If you want to build and farm in Siniath and in the Nether, it’s a good idea to protect your home and claim the land around it.

It’s very easy and will give you some peace of mind.

Buy Claim Blocks

Claim Blocks are like credits that can be used to claim any piece of land greater than 5×5 blocks.

Type /BuyClaimBlocks <Amount> to purchase claim blocks.

Each block will cost $20 (in-game currency).

All of your land claims will go all the way to the sky and as you dig or build underneath them, they will automatically extend downwards.

Making a Claim

Claim with a chest

Once you have at least 91 claim blocks, Placing a chest will automatically trigger a single 9×9 block land claim.

Modify with a golden shovel

You can also use a golden shovel to modify your claim perimeter by right-clicking the glowstone guidelines that show up in the corner of your claim, and then right-clicking another block

Glowstone guidelines are invisible to other players.

Claim new lands with a golden shovel

You can also claim new lands by holding the golden shovel and right-clicking on any buildable lands.

Right-click once to set the first corner and once more to set the opposite corner.

Lock up home with an iron door and a button

If you build a home and only want to allow access to trusted players, use an iron door with a button and make sure they are placed inside your land claim.

Don’t use a pressure plate because they are not restricted.


  • /ClaimsList – See a list of all your claims.
  • /Trust <Player> – Allow another player to access your claim and build.
  • /ContainerTrust <Player> – Allow another player to access your claim and kill your animals.
  • /AccessTrust <Player> – Allow another player to access your claim.
  • /Untrust <Player>  Remove the other player’s authority to access your claim.
  • /TrustList – See who you’ve given access to.
  • /AbandonClaim – Unclaim your land and reclaim your claim blocks.

Prepare for blockchain by stacking in-game money

Blockchain integration is coming soon, but you can prepare by completing quests and earning money.

Get ready to see all kinds of unique multiverse items represented here that you’ve never experienced in Minecraft before! 

Check out Hunter of Rio blog to see if there are any upcoming events where you can earn yourself some sweet multiverse loot.

New Additions: 12th of March

Unite your fellow Hunters!

The new Guilds system is live and ready! 

Anyone with the rank of Hunter or above is now able to create and manage a Guild with their allies.

Guilds are persistent and function as a traditional Guild, but also have a ton of built-in features such as allowing guild members to teleport to one another, set a guild home point, quest progress sharing similar to a party system, and more.

/guild is the main command of the Guild system, and can be coupled with any of the following subcommands. Structure of the command: /guild <sub command> [arguments]

/g can be used to send messages to the Guild.  Structure of the command: /g <message>

acceptAccept a Guild invitation
chat [on/off]Toggle on/off the Guild chat (effectively switch between Guild and Global chats)
color <color>Change the color of the Guild
create <name> [fixed]Create a Guild with the given name
denyDeny a Guild invitation
desc <new desc/remove>Set/remove the description of the Guild
follow [on/off]Toggle on/off following the leader to new worlds
help [page]Show help pages
homeTeleport to your Guild home point
ignore [guild]Add/remove/show ignored Guilds
infoShow information of your Guild
info [guild]Show information of another specified Guild
invite <player>Invite a player to the Guild
join <guild> [password]Join a Guild with the given password
kick <player>Kick/remove the player from your Guild
leaveLeave the Guild
list [page]List of all Guilds
motd <new motd/remove>Set/remove the Guild message of the day
mute [on/off]Toggle on/off Guild notifications
password <new password>Set/change the password of your Guild
protection [on/off]Toggle friendly-fire protection for your Guild
rank <player> <new rank>Change the player’s Guild Rank
rename <new name>Rename your Guild
sethome [remove]Set/remove the Guild home point
teleportTeleport Guild members to you

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