Infinity Star’s new update heralds a new beginning for the game.

Infinity Star, an Ethereum based anime style RPG, has released a massive update on December 18th. The most notable changes is that the overall difficulty level of item grinding in the Player vs. Environment system was lowered to make the game easier and more fun. Players can directly obtain weapons, armors, accessories and in-game characters up to the 7th tier, which can be transferred on the blockchain as an NFT(ERC721). This makes it easier for non-paying users to play, and strengthen their characters, and gives paying users another chance to collect.
Another big update is the character crafting system that users have been anticipating is finally here. After some fine tuning and rebalancing of characters we are ready to let our players finally experience it. The acquisition structure of character’s pieces/shards has been retained, but it has been improved by diversifying the stages on where to get these character shards.
We are also happy to announce the addition of the Dispatch and Companion system. Now users can earn rewards even without logging in to the game, and get more rewards on certain stages by dispatching character companions. The dispatch has a daily limit, and players can send characters and companions not actively used in the battle deck as long as it’s within that limit. Companions are used in the dispatch and stages (PvE), increasing rewards or acting as a buff on characters.
The fun doesn’t end here, there are various events that are held to celebrate the Christmas season. Users can collect Santa Stockings by clearing stages, and craft Christmas Gift Boxes which can contain various crafting materials and even actual items.
Increased drop rate of experience potions during the Christmas season allows players to get more potions, providing faster level up opportunities. In addition, five Christmas season limited costumes are released in the in-game shop.
Infinity Star is revising the game based on continuous community feedback, making quick updates and optimization which the community is always eager to experience. We will continue to refine the game and keep it updated from January to February in the next year.
Additional Information:
About Nodebrick
Founded in the autumn of 2018, Nodebrick is pursuing a new game that combines the traditional game with crypto. In addition to the traditional game content, we want to share the increased value with the players, and through NFT, we are creating a game in which ownership is transparently disclosed.
We want to create a game that is fun to play and value-added driven by the voluntary game community, not to monopolize it solely, but to share the enhanced value with the players without losing the game’s essence – fun. We are proudly backed by Neptune Inc., Dunamu & Partners as well as crypto acceleration firm Hashed.

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