Interview with the CEO of Garage Studios (Dissolution Game)

Crypto Gamers had the honor to chat and ask a few questions to Houston S. Founder & CEO of Garage Studios which is behind one of the most anticipated blockchain game of 2020 Titled: Dissolution

Genre: FPS
Stage: Alpha beta
Platform: Steam
Blockchain Network: Enjin, Ethererum
Dissolution a free-to-play F2P currently available on Steam Platform, Experience tactical FPS combat in a cutthroat universe ravaged by an ongoing war of extinction between humanity and AI. Fight for loot backed by blockchain in competitive game modes.


Q: Welcome to Crypto Gamers. Thank you for joining us, Can you please tell us how did you get into the gaming industry? Thanks for having me. I’ve always been a gamer since I was a kid. I was also really passionate about the crypto-sphere as well, so combining the 2 together just came hand in hand.

Q: What are your origins in the blockchain space? I actually started with Dogecoin, which I got into with my friend as a meme back in 2013. I never really took it too seriously until 2014, when I saw a video of Vitalik Buterin explaining Ethereum. I thought it was the future, so I got in.

Q: How deep are you into development? I am the current level designer for the game, but I am in no way a professional artist. My main role revolves around project management, but I also do what needs to be done.

Q: Will Dissolution be f2p forever? Yes, our business model revolves around having a large number of players so it wouldn’t make much sense to have a pay-wall.

Q: How can players earn money in-game? Everything that you purchase in-game can be sold on 3rd party marketplaces that accept ERC 1155s.

Q: Why did you choose Enjin’s Blockchain Platform? Enjin had the most development we’ve seen in any platform, and trust me when I’ve say this: we’ve seen a lot. After seeing their demos at GDC, we were quite impressed with their development speed, and ultimately that is what gave us the confidence to use the platform for Dissolution

Q: In your opinion, what are the most significant challenges when working on a Blockchain Game? For us, the main challenge is to integrate blockchain technology in a meaningful and rewarding way. A lot of game mechanics, and designs need to be reimagined to work with the benefits and limitations of blockchain. It adds a lot more complexity to balancing the game for us, but I think that is half of the fun in designing a game.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Dissolution. How did the idea came up? Our current project at the time was a 3D Ethereum Gambling Dapp called HiRoll. We didn’t really have the passion for the project so we ultimately decided to stop development on it, instead focusing our efforts on making something we actually cared about. We eventually decided on Dissolution seeing that Adam already had game development experience, coupled with our recent experience in working with Ethereum. Everything came naturally from that point onwards

Q: Did you know that 35% of multiplayer gamers prefer shooter games? How will the multiplayer will work on Dissolution? Will it be limited to an amount of players? Yes, FPS games make up a big part of the multiplayer genre. Multiplayer will eventually transition to more of an MMORPG setting, however we will still keep the pure FPS game modes available to players. There will be a limit to the amount of players we can have in any map, however that will be map dependent. Right now, our net-code is capable of handling up to 100 players in a lobby.

Q: How much of the game have we not seen? A lot. The vision for the game is to be a sandbox MMORPG, which will truly bring out the potential of our blockchain integration. The next biggest feature that we are working on is spacecraft, which will be available Q1 2020.

Q: How many different kinds of weapons will this game have? We have a total of 12 guns planned for production, from 4 unique in-game manufacturers. There will probably be more additions to that, however, at a much later date.

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