JumpNet: Free NFT Transactions Are Here

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) should be for everyone.

Businesses. Creators. Individuals.

Musicians and athletes. Game developers and product marketers. Cryptocurrency companies and titans of tech. NFTs should be for artists, writers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, non-profits, even governments.

NFTs should be for your partner, your mom, dad, sister, brother, and your neighbor. For that random person on the street, and the anonymous stranger commenting on Reddit.

NFTs should be for you.

Today, we are taking a major step toward democratized NFTs—accessible, affordable, and usable by all individuals and organizations, anywhere, anytime.

We are removing the shackles of gas fees that have stifled your ideas, business endeavors, creativity, and innovation for too long.

JumpNet is now live to the public—so you can mint, send, and trade NFTs for free.


The world is still waiting to see what NFTs can really do. More than just unique serial numbers that represent images, music, and video files, NFTs should provide tangible benefits, meaningful experiences, and growing value. They should have utility.

The Enjin community has been experimenting with this next generation of NFTs for years. Today, JumpNet is providing the tech needed to bring the future you have already built, to the rest of the world.

Using the JumpNet MVP

Thanks to JumpNet, you can now create the user experience the mainstream market demands.

On launch, JumpNet comes packed with the following cutting-edge features:

  • Use your Enjin Wallet to move Enjin Coin (ENJ) between Ethereum and JumpNet
  • Use your Enjin Wallet to send and receive ENJ and ERC-1155 tokens for free
  • Use the Enjin Platform to mint ERC-1155 tokens, no gas required
  • Use the Enjin Marketplace to trade ERC-1155 tokens without fees
  • Use our API to automatically distribute ERC-1155 tokens from your app or game
  • Use Enjin Beam to distribute ERC-1155 tokens via QR codes for free*

Moving your assets to JumpNet will make sense when you want to save on gas fees on minting, trading, sending receiving, and distributing NFTs.

Future releases will enable you to move your existing ERC-1155 tokens onto JumpNet. And in case you want to access the wider Ethereum ecosystem, you’ll be able to move your NFTs back to Ethereum with a single click.

You will finally have the best of both worlds: great UX combined with unbounded liquidity.

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