Knight Story is now available on Google Play Store & Apple Store

Knight Story is an innovative mobile RPG available on (Play Store, Apple Store) powered by blockchain. The game is the second title of Biscuit; developed EOS Knights, the legendary blockchain game.
Knight Story App. Download free over (Play Store, Apple Store)

Sign up with Google, Facebook or email accountEnjoy game contents; battle, craft item, develops village and so on.
Mint NFT, MyKI
(My Knight Item) from an item in the game; App.
Monitor MyKI list and Tx info.

When we draw the architecture, we set three goals.
Compatibility between traditional system and blockchain platform, and among multiple blockchain platforms.Simplest sign-up UXComparable quality with transitional mobile game.
Knight Story decide to develop Native App. game with Unity and deploy SNS sign up on the App. It has exactly same structure with the other mobile game in google/apple store. So it is easy to play quality game for user.
However it is difficult to find stable and scale-able solution to connect blockchain with the App. and to manage NFT within the App. so Knight Story have decided to build separated Web, connecting the game App. with blockchain network and managing MyKI, NFT of Knight Story item. with this App./Web dual architecture, Knight Story want to increase compatibility between traditional system and blockchain.
Knight Story considered and tried to cover multiple device and platforms; Mobile, PC, browsers, blockchain, wallets, Google, Apple and so on with seamless UX.

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