Kriptomat, MakerDAO and Forgotten Artifacts Team Up to Launch Unique Enjin-Based Blockchain Minigame.

Today, Kriptomat has announced that they will be launching a blockchain minigame in collaboration with Maker, Forgotten Artifacts, and Enjin. The game will launch in honor of Maker’s stablecoin, Dai, being listed on Kriptomat and the experience will take users on mini-quest through the dungeons of Forgotten Artifacts. The key to play the game will be distributed to all Kriptomat users who link their Enjin Wallet before the 27th of February. Players will then be able to access Dai-themed event within Forgotten Artifacts as of the 2nd of March.

Successful players of this Dai minigame will emerge with their own Dai-themed NFT called DAInerys, Burner of Volatility. Only 1000 copies of this rare NFT will be minted and it will provide value in Forgotten Artifacts as a pet that follows its owners around, finding and unboxing items within the game. This interoperable NFT will also be usable in, providing a half-price transaction fee to anyone who uses it to purchase Dai using their credit/debit card or bank account.

“This is the first example of a cross-industry collaboration where a retail platform has distributed tokenized game keys, in celebration of a product,” said Srdjan Mahmutovich. “We believe product-branded retail and gaming collaborations will become normalized by the blockchain and it’s a true honor to work with this group of innovative projects to make this happen.

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