Less than 48 hours until the first ever Dissolution God-Tier skin begins it’s auction

Dissolution is a free-to-play FPS has partnered up with Opensea.io the largest NFT’s marketplace, Dissolution limited edition God-Tier skin will be auctioned on Opensea.io on November 12, 2019

Less than 48 hours (at the time of writing) until the first ever God-Tier skin begins it’s auctioned, The winner of this gun will have their own custom animations, particle effects, and sounds imprinted into the gun forever!.
What is Dissolution?Dissolution is a free-to-play FPS set in a universe ravaged by rogue AI. Players are thrust into hostile environments to compete for resources and territory. Team up with your friends and experience intense PvP and PvE battles with real-world stakes on the line.