Marvel to Drop Captain America NFT Statues, Plus Amazing Comic Spider-Man #1 NFTs

Exactly 81 years ago, precisely on August 31, 1939, Marvel Comics was introduced to the world for the first time, greeting the entire world with a whole universe of superheroes. As a means to commemorate Marvel’s birthday celebration and film collaboration with Veve Digital Collectibles, “Marvel Month” will conclude with special edition Captain America NFT collectibles. 

A Lineup of Captain America Statue NFTs

Marvel Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney announced at the end of June that the company was taking a step into the world of NFTs. During the first week of August, Marvel revealed “Marvel Nongh” and launched Spider-Man NFTs. 

The lineup of the collectible sets included the “Common Spider-Man,” “Uncommon – Spider-Man,” Rare – Spider-Man” Ultra-Rare – Spider-Man,” and the “Secret-Rare – Spider-Man”. Marvel’s comic book competitor DC Comics has also dropped a lineup of NFTs via the Veve Digital Collectibles application.

Marvel Month will come to an end on Tuesday, August 31. In the same vein, the culmination of the month of Marven NFTs will end with Captain America’s 80th anniversary when he appeared in his debut comic back in 1941. 

Marvel’s legendary first Avenger NFTs will include: 

•Captain America — The First Avenger – Always a soldier at heart, Captain America stands proud and tall as the first Avenger in premium digital format ($40.00).

•Captain America — Charging Into Battle – Ready for action, Captain America runs into battle, armed with his original tri-shield ($50.00).

•Captain America — The Punch – Experience one of the most iconic moments in comic book history in this homage to Steve Rogers’ legendary punch from the cover of Captain America Comics #1 ($100.00).

•Captain America — Animated- Witness – Captain America in animated action as he prepares for battle ($250.00).

•Captain America — Ultimate Animated – This ultra-premium animated collectible contains VFX and SFX of Captain America using his tri-shield as both an offensive and defensive weapon ($400.00).

The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 NFT 

Marvel will also be launching a “fully-readable digital comic” NFT “The Amazing Spider-Man #1,” which will be released on Tuesday as well but at 11 a.m. (PT). 

The comic is one of the most notable comic books on the planet. Quality Comix says a Mint condition version of Spider-Man’s first comic has 3x in value during the last decade and a “perfect condition CGC NM+ 9.6 copy to sell for over $300,000.”

The Marvel NFTs are powered by Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited and the Veve Digital Collectibles platform. Users can download the Veve app on IOS or Android smartphones and the application will enable users to hunt and trade NFTs. Veve app has other competitors like itself which include purpose-built NFT platform, which has partnered with firms like Atari, Topps, Funko, Capcom, Street Fighter, Bratz, Robotech, and more.

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