MegaCryptoPolis 3D Launch Release Date!

Over the last year MegaCryptoPolis 3D have’d worked hard to build a new layer on top of the decentralized city gameplay to be launched 10 December 2019.

Last days left to switch a property type w/o a gas fee (available until Dec 1) — most importantly, you can now readjust a building type even if it was already confirmed (for those who purchased a confirmed property on the market or demolished a building to construct a new one). That can be done here.

Gamma Stage

The last Gamma test phase will take place from Nov 25 to Dec 5. Besides adjusted math, game client and UX improvements, a number of features will be presented in the MCP3D Gamma, just to name a few:

  • New buildings upgrading system (Lvl 5 -> Lvl 6 -> Lvl 7);

  • Uniting two Huges in a single Mega

  • Demolishing a building now returns Resrouces;

  • Natural disasters

  • Make an offer (to purchase a token in the MCP3D);

  • Change a Citizen avatar (new service in Commercials);

  • Transfer a token (or make a gift);

  • Reports — every event is now logged to be then demonstrated in the Reports section, Manage a token screen and notifications.

All of the issues uncovered in the Beta have been fixed, and tested. More details can be found over MCP medium page

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