MegaCryptoPolis3D official launch Nov30

MegaCryptoPolis have been working on their 3d version while the 2D version was running for 1.5 years, these are the last days to enjoy the classics 2d ver. The current version of MegaCryptoPolis will be closed Dec 1 for maintenance to be launched in the form of the MCP3D then. MCP3D Alpha test was held in two stages, each lasting for at least a week. Internal game timer was set to make every game hour equal to a normal day, with rents and market auctions as exception being coordinated in real days.
That emulated approx. one and a half year of a real Microeconomy gameplay.
On the first stage players MCP3D provided with unlimited resources that helped an Alpha city to grow really fast. If you are curious, you should check results following this link.

Beta participants started from a blank map with a limited set of Citizens, Materials, Resources and other game assets mimicking an average set of pre-ordered packages. Two more districts were opened to grant a serious stress for regional economies and a plenty of space to build. MCP3D had incredible results with no critical bugs found during the alpha tests.
The third stage (so-called Gamma) will be released no later than Nov 25 to demonstrate final adjustments to be made prior to the release.
District #149 and #151 will see changes in Taxation policy to demonstrate the difference in conditions those can be tuned up by District owners then. MegaCryptoPolis 3D was designed to be a self-regulating mechanism with an ability to control in-game math by District governers, not an MCP team. Read more about MCP3D Alpha Results + Rewards HERE