MultiNFT Announces New Upgrade on Its Platform

MultiNft has been improving its platform in recent weeks and recently updated its website to give community members a better and more exciting gaming experience. Following the update, a new arcade game has been added to the dashboard of each member, and also, there have been other adjustments to reward Multinft members each week.

NFT prizes would be given to users who come first and second on the scoreboard each week, but for any user to access the dashboard, they would need to be holders of the platform’s NFT.

Yield and Staking Features

As part of the platform’s roadmap and expansion of its ecosystem, MultiNft recently announced the upcoming launch of yield and staking features to all member NFT holders.

MultiNft noted that its token, $MNFT, which is the official currency of the MultiNFT ecosystem, would be used to reward participants and NFT holders and encourage more activity from its users. Also, the $MNFT token would serve as a tool to facilitate DeFi pools, unlock early access to special content and rare NFT drops, earn cash back at the community’s affiliated marketplaces. Also, the  $MNFT token can be spent at arcades and events hosted by MultiNFT.

As part of the development, all MultiNFT holders will be automatically airdropped yield. NFT holders will also be able to stake their NFT in a vault, increasing their APY dramatically and will incur a short lock period.

About MultiNFT

The Group of enterprises has been operating in many areas of the NFT & Gaming industry since March 2018 and has greatly contributed to the recent surge in the NFT market. MultiNFT’s products are designed to make it easier to use NFTs in the future, opening the way for faster adoption and less technological disruption. A new ecosystem of domains and products will be employed to do this, all of which will be built around and centered on accessibility, interoperability, and user experience, both online and offline.

The organization promotes world-class businesses in their fields and sells goods and services to a variety of industries. MultiNFT act as a one-stop shop for the NFT industry, encouraging collaboration among our members.

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