MyMetaverse Launched Free-to-Earn Real Estate NFTs in their Meta City: Minecraft Server

MyMetaverse, an NFT games network that uses the Enjin Ecosystem to mint and integrate NFTs into games, has launched real estate NFTs that collectors can earn just by playing on MyMetaverse’s Meta City: Minecraft server. The real estate NFTs give players ownership over plots of land, allowing those players to build and maintain tokenized property and trade it on decentralized marketplaces.

Minted using Enjin’s ERC-1155 standard, MyMetaverse’s real estate tokens are dynamic, which means players can customize the names of their properties using an in-game user interface. The personalized property names are then reflected on the tokens and can be viewed in ERC-1155 blockchain wallets and explorers. As players build on their NFT real estate, the value of the in-game materials and resources they place on their land plots will also be tracked and reflected on their tokens.

“We are doing the opposite of what people expected us to do with our real estate NFTs” said Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse. “Instead of charging large sums of money for them, we’re giving them out for free, instead of creating NFTs that represent content that anyone can view, these unlock special benefits for owners, and instead of minting NFTs that are static, we have created dynamic NFTs that evolve alongside the owners’ in-game experience.”

At launch, there are 70 Meta City Real Estate NFTs that can be earned in the Minecraft server’s new lobby called Meta City. Players will be able to earn a centralized game currency called Capital Coins by fighting Minecraft mobs (mobile entities) such as zombies and skeletons. Players can then use their Capital Coins to purchase NFT real estate without leaving the game.

About MyMetaverse

MyMetaverse is the first Free-to-Earn NFT Games Network. The company is building a gaming network that allows players to earn free NFT drops from playing games. However, these NFTs are very special because many of them can be used to access content and benefits in multiple games. MyMetaverse is also powered by a creator economy, where artists can mint NFTs and integrate them into gameplay.

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