New and exciting updates in crypto and gaming for the week of 2/1/2020

We are pleased to present you our first episode of the weekly blockchain gaming news & updates, There are loads of interesting topics for the week of 2/1/2020

Axie Infinity:

This week there is a huge update for Lunacia in the form of Bloodmoon Rising, a community alpha update that changed essentially the entire game. You can now go and send your axie teams out on missions fighting monsters and earning items with an updated and very sleek battle system. Bloodmoon rising is available on all platforms from windows and mac to IOS and Android, you can download it and play here. If you want to see some Gameplay content first check out this video here

Chibi Fighters:

Chibi Fighters 2.0 was just released in January, and now there is finally included ethereum support. Chibi Fighters 2.0 is blending the world of trading card games with team building and leveling your cards. One of its unique features are upgrade slots. Experiment with different skills or gear to create powerful combinations. Right now Genesis packs cost about $5 a piece and there are just under 3000 packs left. If you want to get started check out the game here.


The open world decentralized platform with digital land ownership Decentraland is finally preparing for a public launch on 20/02/2020 just a few short weeks away. The platform has been in development for the past couple of years and now a full release is right around the corner. Sign up and get an avatar to be ready to join in and start exploring on launch day, and you can go create your avatar here.

Space Misfits:

Space Misfits just finished their multiplayer gameplay development two weeks ago,  and now they are getting ready for the first major alpha release. While waiting on the alpha they already have a pre-alpha demo that you can try out here. The demo contains 2 test flight areas and 4 missions to play. All you have to do is install and play. Choose the right resolution for gameplay. Your next step is jumping in the test flight area and getting used to the controls. Open up your control UI by pressing “P”. There you will see all the keys to fly.


One of the very limited number of FPS crypto games, and also on steam to download and play for free the team behind DIssolution has been very busy working on the game to bring some major updates to bring lots more content to the game. Some of the major updates in the works are: ship combat, single player campaign, drop pods from the shop with new armors, weapons, and skins. You can download and start playing the game now for free here

Shield of Shalwend:

An open beta enjin game, they just released a new gameplay trailer showing some in game combat and the player equipping enjin backed NFT items to their character straight from the inventory which is a great demonstration for how crypto integration into games can work down the line and where we will likely see these games head in the future. Check out the game here

Spells of Genesis:

“Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain game ever is going to integrate Ethereum blockchain and the revolutionary Matic technology to launch new blockchain-based cards, in partnership with DappRadar” What this means for us is that similar to Gods Unchained or Relentless, soon we’ll have another digital TCG where the cards you earn and collect can be traded and/or sold in game or on a 3rd party marketplace, giving those digital cards real world value and scarcity. The planned launch for the first batch of cards to go on sale is the middle of February, so keep an eye out. Play the game for free now here.

Nole Legends:

According to the developer, Nole Legends Dapp has reached 2800+ users and as soon as their NoleXchange launches plans for villages and in game content is planned to come very soon.

That’s all for this week, make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be back next week to bring you the latest in crypto gaming news along with individual game video and written reviews.
Author: BlockDecentral

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