New opportunities with the gaming platform IQeon! is a PvP platform with over 20 browser games of different genres: shooters, races, platformers, puzzles, and others. The platform operates by supporting Ethereum blockchain and using an internal cryptocurrency IQN.
How it works?
Platform games were developed according to the principle of PvP battles. Using chat, players can agree on a battle in real time, and then fight each other in favorite games for a digital asset IQN!
IQN is an additional motivation to win for users. Competitors confirm their common amount of IQN for which they play before a game. Smart-contract in this case guarantees consensus – according to its algorithm, a winner receives in-game asset. But it is possible to play not only for IQN. You can always choose a simple match to just train and estimate the strength of an opponent.
How to get IQN?
The digital asset is available free when you take part in contests on the platform and communities. For example, the contest “Weekly Challenge” for the best player of the week is held. Every week we choose a user with the highest score in a particular game, who gets 5 IQN. Also, IQeon team held draws and intellectual quizzes for the prize up to 500 IQN and throughout beta-testing of the gaming platform. A special bonus system will be launched in the near future. Subscribe to social media and stay informed about events!
Today, the world has been evolving faster since the emergence of blockchain technology. The old financial systems are over, and human capabilities are increasingly expanding. Become a part of IQeon ecosystem, sharpen your skills in playing and monetize your achievements!
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