NFT-Enhanced GTAV Server Coming Soon to MyMetaverse

The First Crypto GTA RP Server With NFT Integration Gamers & Streamers alike will want to take note of the biggest news in the NFT community – NFTs have been added to GTA 5 RP by MyMetaverse. A new server called Meta GTA will be launched soon and to make the open-world action game more exciting and engaging, innovative NFT functionality is being baked right in. One sweet perk of the game server is that players can keep track of their in-game achievements and statistics using a MetaCitizen NFT. In addition, this same NFT can be used to track all of your various deeds across each game in the MyMetaverse gaming network — , such as Meta Minecraft (live now at server address and their upcoming MMO, Meta Rebirth.

The NFT functionality of the GTA server is planned to be expansive and will continuously evolve, just like the MyMetaverse project itself.

What is GTA 5 RP?

GTA 5 RP is a game mode available exclusively for PC players with the mod “FiveM” installed. FiveM allows users to play on custom GTA servers across the world — and now, thanks to MyMetaverse’s Meta GTA, across the Metaverse.

GTA 5 RP stands for Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay and is a wildly popular mode in which you can interact with online players and live a virtual life. Players all agree to act like they are the character they are playing as and must behave in a manner that makes sense in the context of the GTA world. Disregarding this is known as “fail RP” and is frowned upon (and likely to lead to banning if it continues).

Each player chooses a profession during their time on the server. You can be a police officer, postal worker, taxi driver, bus driver, or many other things — including our personal favorite, thug. There are realistic features in this world, for example if you get injured you will need to actually go to the hospital. You should also have some knowledge about police codes to be an effective officer of the law, or if you pursue a life of crime and thuggery you should be aware of witnesses when or loose-ends when mugging or scamming people. Our best suggestion is to watch some streams of people role-playing on GTA RP servers, learn about embracing the role of the character and playing the game as a fictional character hypothetically would.

Playing the game is hugely rewarding, players can keep track of their in-game achievements and statistics by linking their MetaCitizen NFT profile that can be purchased from the official MyMetaverse NFT store for under $5. The store also sells a variety of other NFTs that are usable across Minecraft, GTA, and an ever-expanding network of games.

This would not be the first time MyMetaverse is showcasing its creativity and innovation. The project began by adding NFT functionality to a custom-built Minecraft server, where players can both use and earn various utility-packed NFTs. The project is expanding into new territory with Grand Theft Auto, and their network is planned to grow more and more over time.


MyMetaverse is an ambitious platform. Its reach expands beyond Minecraft. The goal of the project is to link multiple game worlds and apps into a single entertainment ecosystem. Consider things like characters who reside in many gaming worlds, quests that span multiple realms, and so on. One of the earliest efforts is Meta City in Minecraft, a player-owned NFT-based land server where players can freely build on and trade their land plots.

MyMetaverse utilizes Enjin’s tools to make all of this possible. It is now feasible to mint and transfer NFTs without ever paying gas fees because Enjin is now running an entire economy on their own Ethereum sidechain with JumpNet (and soon Efinity). From a gaming standpoint, this is the only way to truly tokenize content and provides the framework for building an entire Metaverse.

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