NFT’s Treasure Hunt on Hunters Of Rio Minecraft Server!

Join a new Blockchain Minecraft server created by Hunters Of Rio.
In the past 2 years we’ve been waiting for a blockchain integration with an AAA game. Enjin & made it happen by creating a new server in Minecraft which is one of the biggest games in the world.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has recorded worldwide sales of 176 million units, making it one of the best-selling games of all time along with other legendary games such as Tetris and Grand Theft Auto V.

Last month Hunters Of Rio announced their released the beta version of their server where you could go on expansive MMO-style Minecraft experience!

After a month of hard work we are happy to bring you CGamers guild! Cgamers is a special guild where you can experience treasure hunts, exclusive quest’s and other amazing events.

Join our Treasure Hunt event!
DATE: April 26th

The Event will take place in CGamers Land and it will be open for all Hunters Of Rio players, Some events will be exclusive for the guild! So we suggest you to join the guild! ( See below how to join)

Event Information:
First stage: Treasure Hunt

Find our Guild City located next to /Warp outpost.
You’ll find 3 different section in our guild, where you’ll need to search for hidden Oak Wooden Signs with Our Crypto Gamers Head logo signs
(as you can see below. ) Each sign will contain a prize.

Found a sign? take a screenshot and post it on Hunters Of Rio Telegram group.

Prizes: Over 50 NFTs to be found.
Including 11x Raskulto’s Chest Piece !! worth over 1,000USD

Second Stage: AstralRace
5 Players who find the Oak Sign with a Picframe of a wooden boat will get a chance to enter the Ice Boat Race. Prizes will be announced during the event.!

PLay Now!

How to Join The Guild!

Step 1: find Ragmor at the Barracks located in Brooks.

Step 2: Right click on him

Step 3: Choose the CGamer Quest

Step 4: Pay $100 to join the guild (refund at the guildhall)

Step 5: Head to our guildhall find Fring CG and talks to him, you will get your $100 back

Congratulations you are now part of the guild! Feel free to click Fing CG and do our guild quest!

At which point you will need to go and kill the Prince of Death on this platform

Find more details and full starter guide at Hunters Of Rio Website.

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