are launching $5000 Enjin Coin Rewards Bounty are creating a platform that sets a new standard in customer experience technology, one that has far-reaching implications for the retail industry and all other markets. By building the ultimate Enjin Coin ($ENJ) on-ramp for customers in the retail, tourism, hospitality, and education industries. It is our honor to be listed among 5 other great websites projects as part of the special items created by in the honor of the outstanding commitment and camaraderie in pushing this blockchain gaming movement forward!

Introducing’s Bounty After planning, designing, and building the technology behind since February 2019, are now ready to provide retailers with the most advanced rewards program their customers have ever seen. Bounty will be launched during this month of November 2019.
They are two things this platform will achieve
A compelling demo that shows people how powerful blockchain rewards can be—and why they should use them.A fun bounty platform that promotes Enjin and the multiverse.
Multiverse Integration: Launching Q1 believe that the users need a funner, more engaging, and more immediate way for people to earn rewards. And their main goal is that when you first join you will be able to instantly pick up a bounty or quest and earn some Rio coins.
You take part in a giveawayThe giveaway finishesItems drops into your accountYou use them to play games, acquire assets, and redeem discounts.

While we wait you can find below a first look at Bounty "demo" platform
Introducing ‘Rio’—The Multiverse Bounty Coin
Rio will be the primary currency within Bounty.
With Rio Coin you will be able to enter giveaways and purchase tokens to receive more Rio.
Rio is a generational coin, which means it is minted in sets, the same way coins are minted in the real world.

The first generation of Rio will be 1,000,000 in supply and is recognizable by its inscription of 2019.001 within the token image and metadata.
That means, first-generation Rio coins will be easily distinguishable as the original currency created at the birth of—giving them historical significance over and above what they can be used to purchase. You will be able to spend your coins on games, items, and discounts.