Bounty is launching on the 28th of November, 2pm UTC!

As announced over official blog the team is ready to launch Bounty BETA! — a loyalty and rewards system tools enable your business or brand to create a truly gamified rewards program assets are coded onto the blockchain using a robust set of tools provided by Enjin, a blockchain development company partnered with Samsung and Unity.

While the demo of the system, The team will continue to reach out to entrepreneurs and business owners, show them digital asset distribution platform, and convince them to adopt Enjin-powered assets and rewards. Here’s what the BETA launch of‘s demo ( Bounty) will include:

  • Earn Rio via Gleam and Givelab giveaways.

  • Buy digital assets and earn Rio via Commerce store.

  • Use your Rio to spin the ENJ HUNT wheel.

  • Collect ENJ HUNT tokens and craft an ENJ Ingot (1,000 $ENJ).

  • Use your Rio to craft tokenized discounts.

  • Link your Enjin Wallet and deposit blockchain assets.

Please note: Asset withdrawals will be disabled for live penetration testing. You will not be able to remove your blockchain assets from the Platform until they have completed an intensive security audit.

Introducing Commerce: Blockchain asset stores Commerce is a blockchain asset shopping cart integration that will make it super easy for anybody to create and sell ENJ-backed items through their website.

You will be able to test out the first example of Commerce on the 28th of November. Commerce: Subscription Token Sale

In the first Commerce store will be offering heavily discounted tokenized subscriptions.

This provides a unique opportunity for you to get some unbelievable deals on packages and resell them on the Enjin Marketplace.

Wanna learn more about Commerce: Subscription Token Sale? Visit HERE

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