& Crypto Gamers Giveaway – 500x Winners!

Crypto Gamers & are celebrating the beta launch of Bounty, with a massive giveaway contest, a loyalty and rewards system tools enable your business or brand to create a truly gamified rewards program assets are coded onto the blockchain using a robust set of tools provided by Enjin, a blockchain development company partnered with Samsung and Unity.
50,000 RIO: Bounty coin valued at 2,000$ Rio will be the primary currency within Bounty.

200x Crypto Gamers Limited Dragons, playable in Forgotten Artifacts.
Enter for a chance to WIN
First 200 winners will receive an Zikog Dragon and 200 RIO:
300 winners will receive 100 RIO tokens each.
* Please Note: Prizes will be distributed to your account inventory over
Zikog Dragon is the guardian of the Crypto Gamers Portal playable on Forgotten Artifacts. Its terrifying wings start from its shoulders and end in the middle of its back. It has a thick neck which runs down from its head and into a colossal body. The top is covered in thick metal skin and a row of armor plating runs down its spine.

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