Atari, Enjin & The Fabricant Partner to Launch Digital Fashion Crypto Collectibles

Atari lends IP to digital fashion house “The Fabricant” for incorporation of fashion non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Enjin-powered blockchain games. Digital fashion, blockchain, and video games come together today in a world-first with the launch of a new Atari-inspired digital NFT (non-fungible token) fashion line, built using Enjin’s suite of tools based on Ethereum. In […]

Winners of 1st Annual NFT Awards Announced

2020 NFT Awards winners were announced via livestream on December 9 ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē by Micah Johnson has been named 2020 NFT of the Year Enjin and Digital Asset Entertainment (DEA) have announced the winners of the first annual NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Awards program. ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē by Micah Johnson was named NFT of the Year. A time-sensitive photographic […]

Enjin Launches a Free Version of their NFT Minting and Integration Platform

Earlier this year Enjin launched the Enjin Platform, a powerful blockchain development platform and API that enabled developers to mint NFTs and integrate them into their games and apps. Today, Enjin has announced that they are removing the subscription cost to use the Enjin Platform–making it free.  Enjin has also reaffirmed their commitment to building […]

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Joins Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft, former Sony CEO on NFT Awards

Voting is now open for the first annual NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Awards. Anyone can vote for their favorite NFT projects at The top-voted token will receive the People’s Choice Award. The main judges will select the best NFTs of 2020. The panel includes: Nobuyuki Idei: Sony’s former CEO & Chairman Nao Udagawa: Managing Director […]

Nifty Basket Plugin Enables Easy Integration into 455 Million WordPress Sites

Today, Parallel Planes has announced the launch of Nifty Basket, a WordPress plugin that automatically mints ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens on demand. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tool and is used by over 455 million sites. This new plug-and-play WordPress integration uses the popular Enjin Development Platform to mint and send Ethereum assets […]

Enjin’s New Minecraft Plugin Enables Players to Integrate Blockchain Assets Into Their Servers

The EnjinCraft plugin is now available to over 200,000 Minecraft servers, enabling players to integrate their own blockchain economies into Minecraft. Enjin has released EnjinCraft, their latest addition to the Minecraft ecosystem shortly after Minecraft’s 11th anniversary. EnjinCraft is an open-source blockchain plugin that enables players to easily integrate blockchain assets into their servers with […]

Join the battle of the Crypto Clans! The Beginner’s Guide

Chain Clash is a web-based collectible and fighting game in which you array, train and fight with avatars representing crypto clans like Bitcoin, Ethereum or EOS. The special twist here is that some of the avatars are digital representations of most prominent creators and influencers from the crypto space, like Brock Pierce or John McAfee. […]

Chain Clash Rolls Out Crypto Celebrities’ Avatars Auction For The End of Pre-Sale

Chain Clash wraps up the pre-sale with a big auction for celebrity avatars. Players will be able to bid for and claim digital fighter lookalikes of John McAfee, Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose and Travis Wright & Joel Comm from the Bad Crypto podcast. During the pre-sale, only Legendary tiers will be available. The stock, however, […]

Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 03/05/2020

From single player modes launching to major contests and major companies joining the space there’s lots going on in the crypto gaming world in the week of 03/05/20 Dissolution: The Dissolution SIngle player campaign is now live to play for free on steam. Dissolution has been in alpha access for about a year now, and […]

The Best Courses to Learn Unity in 2020

Learn unity with this comprehensive list of the web’s best unity courses, ranked by 1,000+ student reviews by our friends at With over 248 Courses to Learn Unity in 2020, CourseDuck is your one-stop shop for researching and comparing online courses. CourseDuck make finding the right course fast and easy. Virtually anyone on the […]


Chiliz (Binance: $CHZ), the leading digital currency for sports tokenization and world leaders in blockchain-based fan engagement, today announced an integration with Chainlink — a secure decentralized oracle network which enables the development of auto-executing smart contracts based on real-world data and events. This integration will enable Chiliz to mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for partners […]

Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 02/26/2020

From Decentraland finally opening it’s doors to the public all the way to UFC joining NBA as one of the first global brands in professional sports to be announced on Dapper Labs’ blockchain and much more! UFC Digital Collectibles UFC joins the NBA as one of the first global brands in professional sports to be […]

UFC Blockchain Collectibles by Dapper Labs

UFC joins the NBA as one of the first global brands in professional sports to be announced on Dapper Labs’ blockchain, Flow. The speed and scalability of Flow, combined with Dapper’s easy onboarding and smooth payments, will allow an entirely new fanbase to enjoy the benefits of blockchain. UFC fans will be able to buy, trade, and […]

Chibi Fighters 2.0 KickStarter is Live!

Chibi Fighters 2.0

Chibi Fighters 2.0! KickStarter campaign is live and we are here to help them reach their goal of $27,153. Chibi Fighters 2.0 is a digital living card game where you assemble a team of heroes, fight vicious monsters AND battle tenacious players! In this game your cards are alive – You can upgrade and level them up! Equip gear, […]

SOCIOS.COM TO RELEASE $CHZ TO FIAT DEBIT CARD AND MEMBERSHIP IN ONE CARD are glad to announce today the launch of Socios ID, the first blockchain-based ID verification for the sports and entertainment industries and $CHZ to FIAT debit card. Socios ID aims to allow our users and fans to have a global ID number (XXXX-1234), that can also be customized based on the amount of $CHZ […]