Atari Partners with Enjin to Integrate its IP and Licenses into Blockchain Games

Enjin and Atari have announced an ongoing partnership to integrate Atari’s IP into games using Enjin’s blockchain technology. First collaboration will feature Atari-inspired digital fashion non-fungible token (NFT) collection in sports video games created by eBallR Games. Available for purchase in mid-December 2020, players can use these Atari-themed NFTs to enhance their custom, personalized avatars […]

Enjin Launches a Free Version of their NFT Minting and Integration Platform

Earlier this year Enjin launched the Enjin Platform, a powerful blockchain development platform and API that enabled developers to mint NFTs and integrate them into their games and apps. Today, Enjin has announced that they are removing the subscription cost to use the Enjin Platform–making it free.  Enjin has also reaffirmed their commitment to building […]

CGC | DAPP announced – a definitive NFT+DeFi+Gaming event – December 10-11

CGC | DAPP is the sixth installment of and a brand-new addition to the vigorous CGC events series, this time with a focus on NFT, DeFi and Gaming. The online event will take place on December 10-11, attracting 1000 delegates representing more than 300 companies from all over the world. As the blockchain ecosystem matures, […]

Axana Games Joins Blockchain Game Alliance and Signs with Enjin

Axana Games has announced their adoption of the Enjin Platform one week after joining the Blockchain Game Alliance. The team is developing a full-scale sci-fi MMO called Wavelings that explores a blockchain-powered future free from hunger, disease, and climate change.  Set to launch in 2021, Wavelings is designed to serve as an interactive instruction manual […]

Animoca Brands and GAMEE to launch Gamee Token for hyper casual gaming

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited (“Animoca Brands” or the “Company”) and its social casual gaming subsidiary GAMEE announce that they will launch the Gamee Token, an ERC-20 utility token that will drive engagement on the GAMEE platform, provide skill-based rewards for players of GAMEE’s hyper casual game titles, and, in the longer term, assist game creators to publish […]

MyMeta Core: A Multiverse Within the Multiverse

What is MyMeta Core? MyMeta Core is a branch of MyMetaverse dedicated to exploring the possibilities presented by the new game-building platform, Core. The team behind Core has devised a set of incredible tools that enable creators to build incredible games within days. They provide a standardized library of assets that can be manipulated in […]

Nifty Basket Plugin Enables Easy Integration into 455 Million WordPress Sites

Today, Parallel Planes has announced the launch of Nifty Basket, a WordPress plugin that automatically mints ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens on demand. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tool and is used by over 455 million sites. This new plug-and-play WordPress integration uses the popular Enjin Development Platform to mint and send Ethereum assets […]

Enjin’s New Minecraft Plugin Enables Players to Integrate Blockchain Assets Into Their Servers

The EnjinCraft plugin is now available to over 200,000 Minecraft servers, enabling players to integrate their own blockchain economies into Minecraft. Enjin has released EnjinCraft, their latest addition to the Minecraft ecosystem shortly after Minecraft’s 11th anniversary. EnjinCraft is an open-source blockchain plugin that enables players to easily integrate blockchain assets into their servers with […]

Why Bitcoin BSV and CryptoFights Should Refund the Enjin & Ethereum Community

“This is a community opinion piece, this article does not necessarily represent the views of or any of its staff” Today the blockchain gaming community was shocked to learn that the CryptoFights team has chosen to break their promise to the Enjin Coin and Ethereum investors who supported the CryptoFights presale back in September […]

Blockchain Gaming Weekly Updates 24th April 2020

From New Minecraft Blockchain Server Treeasure Hunt to new special edition Blockchain Cuties coming out there’s a lot going on in the crypto gaming space this week and we’ll go into it all for you. NFT’s Treasure Hunt on Hunters Of Rio Minecraft Server! Join our Treasure Hunt event! After a month of hard work […]

Join the battle of the Crypto Clans! The Beginner’s Guide

Chain Clash is a web-based collectible and fighting game in which you array, train and fight with avatars representing crypto clans like Bitcoin, Ethereum or EOS. The special twist here is that some of the avatars are digital representations of most prominent creators and influencers from the crypto space, like Brock Pierce or John McAfee. […]

Claim Your KK MFT Monthly Rewards!

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Trading Card Game with animated turn based combat. 2 versions are available when logging in, a normal style game and a blockchain version with items backed by cryptocurrency. Another great If you hold a Kingdom Karnage Founders Token in your wallet you can claim Each month a new […]

Hunters of Rio Minecraft Server Guide

The Hunters of Rio

Minecraft is a multidimensional block-based sandbox game, nearly boundless in scale. It crosses over quite a fair bit of the multiverse by itself! As a fresh-off-the-multiverse Traveler and soon to be Hunter of Rio yourself, you’ll get to meet a cast of NPC characters eager to teach you the basics.  Once you’ve proven yourself worthy, […]

Enjin Multiverse Program Presents Innovative Design Model to Game Developers

Enjin Multiverse

Developers can apply now to join the world’s first blockchain gaming multiverse and receive a host of benefits, lower their user-acquisition costs, and collaborate with other studios on a level that has never been done before. Blockchain ecosystem developer Enjin has announced the launch of the Enjin Multiverse Program, a new featured adopter program which […]

It’s good to be the King – A New ERC1155 Token worth over 100,000USD

A group called Kingdom Borkanistan has recently minted a tribute to Doge an Internet meme that became popular in 2013, The group has created a series of 5x Limited edition NFTs ERC-1155 Tokens . One NFT called “It’s good to be the King” has been backed by 1,155,777.1 ENJ Worth 110,000 USD at the time of writing. […]

The Hunters of Rio: Minecraft Server, Now in Open Beta!

The Hunters of Rio

Enjin & has been digging and building an expansive MMO-style Minecraft experience! and they are finally ready to open their server to anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy! Launch Event: The Dragon Hunt The Hunters of Rio are offering a total of 500 ENJ and 5 multiverse dragon tokens in prizes. Winners will be chosen during the […]

Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 03/05/2020

From single player modes launching to major contests and major companies joining the space there’s lots going on in the crypto gaming world in the week of 03/05/20 Dissolution: The Dissolution SIngle player campaign is now live to play for free on steam. Dissolution has been in alpha access for about a year now, and […]

The Best Courses to Learn Unity in 2020

Learn unity with this comprehensive list of the web’s best unity courses, ranked by 1,000+ student reviews by our friends at With over 248 Courses to Learn Unity in 2020, CourseDuck is your one-stop shop for researching and comparing online courses. CourseDuck make finding the right course fast and easy. Virtually anyone on the […]