Tencent Virtual Bank has obtained Hong Kong license to prepare blockchain virtual bank

Tencent CEO Yige Cai announced at the World Blockchain Summit in Wuzhen On November 8, the second World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen. The conference focused on blockchain, digital assets, central bank digital currency, AI, 5G and other topics to explore the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot topics.
Cai Weige, general manager of the blockchain business of Tencent, delivered a keynote speech at the conference, "Into the Digital Era of New Era", revealing that Tencent Virtual Bank has obtained a Hong Kong license and is preparing a blockchain virtual banking team.
He said that the blockchain is still in the early stage of the application explosion. In the application scale, the blockchain itself is not the bottleneck, and the gateway and auxiliary technology under the chain is the key. Frontier technologies such as networking and artificial intelligence are integrated.
He also mentioned that the Hong Kong government began to regulate digital virtual asset transactions, so that the blockchain and digital assets have paid enough attention to the whole industry. At present, Tencent has already implemented digital asset practices in supply chain finance, improving asset and capital allocation efficiency, such as cooperation with McDonald’s in supply chain finance, and blockchain electronic invoices developed by Tencent itself.

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