The Sandbox Blockchain Gaming Platform First In-Game Virtual Real Estate LAND Presale Sells Out in 4 Hours

Players and Creators Furiously Purchased LAND, the Digital Space where Voxel-Based Gaming Experiences Can Be Created, to Start Building Rich New Games in a Revolutionary Blockchain-based Metaverse! Animoca Brands and its subsidiary TSB Gaming Ltd, a leading creator of world building experiences, announced today that the first round of the LAND Presale for its forthcoming decentralized blockchain gaming platform, The Sandbox , sold outin the first four hours of the planned 15-day event. Five limited edition ASSETS (NFTs), however, arestill available for purchase in the marketplace until December 20, or until stock is depleted.

“As pioneers and early adopters in the space of gaming with blockchain-based assets, we believe The Sandbox’s metaverse will offer a virtual playground completely made and owned by creators.” said Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “Today we are making history in gaming, offering for the first time virtual real-estate and enabling people to buy digital lands, the same way you buy real-estate in real world. All this new digital assets ecosystem is supported by Ethereum
The Sandbox offers a persistent, interactive virtual metaverse, a 3D voxel universe created by players and secured through blockchain technology. LANDS are the unique digital locations in this metaverse where players can build and monetize games. They’re the fundamental building block upon which game ASSET (items and scripting) can be imported to create original interactive experiences. LANDS can be combined into larger groupings (ESTATES) to permit more ambitious game experiences. There are only 166,464 LANDS in the metaverse, with the scarcity and uniqueness of each LAND verifiable through blockchain technology.
ach of the +166K LANDs will be tokenized as a ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) that enables, using the transparency of the public distributed ledger, to track the uniqueness of each LAND and enable true digital ownership including the ability to sell or rent out LANDS.
This initial LAND Presale was the first chance for players, creators, and crypto enthusiasts to obtain a piece of The Sandbox metaverse, at a very favorable price. During the event, participants were allowed to buy LAND (with ETH), and purchase exclusive ASSETS (NFTs) ie. game items such as characters, animals, monuments, buildings, trees, tools to populate game experiences.
Players can benefit from their LAND ownership in multiple ways including monetizing game experiences on their LAND, virtual real estate investment, renting their LAND, and staking.

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