The time has come – another promising EOS DApp has emerged and began public beta: Chain Clash!

In this article, we will be introducing Chain Clash and giving you the first steps on how to get started playing it. First off, let’s begin with the question – What is Chain Clash?

Chain Clash is a free-to-play collectible and battle game. Players can collect and train a variety of avatar fighters(battle units) and join forces with like-minded people to form crypto clans. Ultimately, players will engage in competitive battles with rivals, prevail, and hopefully prove the power of their clan!

You will probably wonder the same question like us – What are avatars?

Avatars are your battle units in Chain Clash. In other words, they’re collectibles living on the EOS blockchain that players send to fight against each other. Avatars can be developed mainly through training and clashes. Both training and clashes improve their stats. However, leveling up can only be done via clashes. Avatars come in five rarity tiers: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. Chain Clash features avatars of real crypto celebrities, which will be available as legendaries or mythics.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s take the next step and see what you need to start playing Chain Clash:

1) First of all – you will need Wombat EOS Wallet  

2) After you download and install it, you can go to: and claim your free avatar. (A transaction window will pop up)

3) You are all set and can start exploring the world of Chain Clash. 

Now that we know what Chain Clash is about, let’s dig into the UI of the DApp:In Chain Clash, you have five major sections in the menu: Dojo, Store, Challenges, Ranks, Profile.

• Dojo. Here, you have a general overview of your avatars and their current state (health, level, etc.). You can send your avatar to clash and train from there. (Screenshot above)

• Store. The store is your go-to place for training shards, health kits and new avatars. Next to it is the Marketplace, where you trade your avatars and buy ones from other players.  

• Challenges. Here, players can look up Tutorial, Daily and Quest challenges. The Tutorial challenges are designed to help the new players get acquainted with the basic mechanics and ease into the game. Challenges are rewarded by Tickets, which you can use to train.  

• Ranks. You will find both individual and clan-based leaderboards in this section.

• Profile. Your profile reflects your performance in clashes and current wallet balance.

Now that you know how to get started and what you can do – there is still one last question to be answered: Can I make money playing the game? Do I own the avatar?

The answer is: Yes, you will have complete ownership of an avatar as with any NFT. You can hold it and increase its monetary and competitive value as it levels up. Later on, you can sell it for EOS or even use it in other upcoming games from the Chain Clash franchise.

Furthermore, the marketplace is where you can sell and buy your avatars or new ones. It has a nice and easy design and futures a filter where you can search by Clans(crypto) and Rarity of the avatars. (see below screenshots. 

To sum it up its pretty easy to get started with Chain Clash and it has a nice potential to grow on the EOS Blockchain. The best of all – it is free to play, which is rarely the case with DApps. 

A very helpful article with further and more detailed information is available here:

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