Weekly Blockchain Game News & Updates for the week of 02/18/20

From Crypto VR to Crypto Steam games, there are lots of great crypto and blockchain game updates happening this week, and we’re here to tell you all about them. 

Somnium Space:

Somnium space V2 is out now and with it there are already emerging weekly VR events in personal owned parcels in addition to the public plaza, with lots of user made content to explore and lots of activity going on and people to meet and hangout with. Along with the release of their platform currency, the Somnium cube is going to be going live on February 20th allowing users to spend it in the platform on goods and services and trade it on exchanges, converting it back into crypto and potentially making some profit from their coin.


The Pre-Alpha release of Disruption is now finally live, and with it solo raids as well. What this means for players is “Raid the treasury of one of the Disrupter Starships and make your fortune or meet your demise! Free Play mode is also live where you can learn the layout of the ships, fly the XR75 fighter ships, learn how to use all of the weapons, take part in special events, meet the Alliance members and join up!” Sadly not everyone is able to access the game right now though, as “The pre-alpha release includes gamers who own an Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Limited Edition Game Server or an AlterVerse Founder’s Token. Those who have a Steam key from earlier testing can also access the game.” but if you don’t have any of those, there is a limited supply of Elite Lifetime Citizenship’s still available through the AlterVerse Marketplace here. You can read more about the new game mode release here.

War of Crypta:

A PvP multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable, tradeable Heroes. This game has been in development for the past nearly 2 years, and is getting closer and closer to a mobile beta launch. When asked on their progress, the developer response was: “we are working on the ios beta outside the battle mode and it will be added soon. More and more beta testers are now coming in and eventually Android will also be tested.” This is a good sign that the development stages are going well and soon we will have some sort of gameplay experience to test out. Personally I’m quite surprised to hear that ios testing is coming first, but either way it will eventually be accessible to all mobile platforms and hopefully pc and mac as well.

Crypto Idle Miners:

One of the only idle crypto mobile games out there, if not the only one has been working on making the game more fun and rewarding for players since it’s launch, and now they are looking to do a design overhaul on the game. They have a survey that users can take to give their opinion on how they would like the redesign to look between the blue pallette or a new sleek grey color scheme as well as a spot to give their personal opinions on the design as well as the game in general.

Forgotten Artifacts:

This hack and slash dungeon crawler is still in early access, but the team behind the game has been dedicated to updating it, adding content and making the game and fun as possible for the official release. They just had another major patch update adding the following:

You can download and play the game for free here.

And that’s all for major Crypto game updates this week, make sure to keep an eye out for other major news and releases for blockchain games for the month of February,

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